Bounty Hunter Fires Shot At Fleeing Wanted Man

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Gunfire exchange between a group of bounty hunters and a wanted Polk County man are what police are calling a chaotic series of events.

Wednesday afternoon around 3:15, West Des Moines Police say four bounty hunters tracked down 27 – year – old Jordan Young at a West Des Moines apartment complex, attempting to take him into custody.

Sgt. Ken O’Brien says after the attempted arrest details of the incident become a little unclear.

“He (Young) got into a car and at some point and a shot is fired by one of the bounty hunters which strikes the driver’s door of the fleeing vehicle. It also looks like the fleeing vehicle struck the bounty hunters vehicle as well.”

Young was able to flee the scene. Law enforcement caught up to the suspects’ car near S. 50th Street and Commerce Drive. Young then fled from his car and jumped into the Raccoon River. Police were able to coax Young to safety and take him into custody.

Young was wanted in Polk County on weapons, theft and drug charges. Police named the four bounty hunters as: Justin Gilbert, David Rodish, David Davis, and Bradly Griffith. Law Enforcement believe Gilbert fired the single shot at Young. Authorities are still looking into what bail bonds agency the men work for. Channel 13 spoke with several bail bond agencies off camera, who know of the men and claims they do not work under an agency. Iowa Law states that bounty hunters must be contracted under an agency. Iowa's bail enforcement laws also require for bounty hunters to notify local law enforcement when they plan to make an arrest in their jurisdiction; West Des Moines police say the were never notified.

The department doesn't work often with bail enforcement and O'Brien says when bounty hunters don't follow rules it makes it difficult to work together to make an arrest.

Authorities are still interviewing witnesses and the parties involved before sending the investigation to the County Attorney’s office to determine what charges will be filed.


  • Paul

    Only the first sentence talks of an “exchange” of gunfire. Is this just an attention getter? The article only talks of the bounty hunters doing the shooting.

    • Randy Graven

      I think they should be tolerate IF they oprate within the law-which these guys fairly obviously didn’t. Throw the book at them and the knothead they were chasing both.

  • Dan

    The bounty hunters vehicle appears to have been hit…. Not much on the getting to the bottom of things here. They talked to a few bail bond agencies and haven’t come up with who they work for. Well keep calling I guess, instead of asking them. Cops do Not like to work with bounty hunters and I haven’t ever heard of them helping bounty hunters. They don’t know if they have a permit for a gun? Look in their pocket, you may just find it.

  • I throw rocks at retards.

    Why did the DMPD pull the guy out of the water? They should of let him get washed down the river. For that reason I throw a rock at the DMPD.========O

  • E Hogan

    If a person drives their car toward or at a Police officer it is attempted murder and the police can shoot the driver or car. Perhaps, the criminal was attempting to assault them with his vehicle and they used their gun to defend themselves. Don’t assume anything in this story, the journalist knows nothing.

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