Clive Traffic Cameras Being Turned Off Tonight

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Clive Cameras

CLIVE, Iowa – The Clive traffic cameras will be capturing red light violators for the final time Monday. The cameras are set to be switched off at midnight.

They have been a feature along Hickman Road since 2006.

Last year, the city council decided not to renew its contract with the camera’s operators. But council members decided to extend the contract through June, since the revenue from the cameras was already figured into the budget.

The city says be prepared to see extra officers on the road.

The cameras will be taken down over the next two weeks.


  • Someones watching me watch them

    Marshalltown has cameras set up at key locations in the city yet I have never heard of anyone ever getting any tickets. I will be checking for the DOT report that those who use cameras are to give to the DOT on the numbers of tickets given. If Marshalltown has no numbers or a very low number of tickets what else are those cameras being used for? Creepy.

  • James C. Walker

    This was an excellent decision.

    Red light camera contracts are down to about 500 nationwide from a peak of about 700. There have been 31 public votes on red light and/or speed cameras and the cameras lost 28 of the votes. Some 67 California communities have dumped cameras or banned them before any were used. South Dakota passed the best red light camera laws which ban the use of cameras in the state AND prohibit authorities from helping any other state collect red light camera fines from South Dakota residents. Bills to ban the cameras are being considered in Ohio and Colorado.

    The days of the red light camera are numbered. People hate them.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  • Mike

    Saw this story on two of the Des Moines network affiliates and am now reading it here. It is amazing to me that there has been no mention in these stories as to WHY Clive is pulling the cameras. Clive has been bringing in over 700 thousand dollars a year with those cameras, and I would think that would be the first and most important question a reporter/journalist would ask. (I think most viewers have a sense of the why–it is because of the new Iowa law that requires municipalities to submit traffic data to justify camera placement along state roads. The law basically says that municipalities have to show that the camera’s are being placed to improve safety etc. and not primarily to maximize revenue…) Again, how could coverage of this story not address that obvious and central question of “why” the cameras were removed?

  • Oslow Trane

    When they say its not about the money, it means its only about the money. The majority of the tickets issued are for rolling “stops” through a red light which is why no cameras were set up where a right turn was not an option. Clive is addicted to easy money. Hopefully, they actually get individuals on the city council in the near future that understand what freedom means.

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