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Flooding Closes Several Des Moines Roads

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road closed

DES MOINES, Iowa – Some streets in Des Moines are expected to be closed for the week after heavy rainfall over the weekend.

“The City of Des Moines has been monitoring conditions here through the last week with both discharges from Saylorville and the rainfall that we`ve been getting,” Public Works Director Pat Kozitza said.

Crews have closed three streets so far. Birdland Drive from Saylor Road to Sixth Avenue, Prospect Road from Hickman to Martin Luther King Parkway and George Flagg Parkway from Park Avenue to South-West 30th Street.

Crews say these streets are the only streets they are worried about and think once the rain tapers off they could reopen by next week

However, once the water recedes, Public Works crews will have to clean off the street. The water leaves behind a slippery mess that can be just as dangerous to drive across.