Accused Killer’s Parents: ‘I don’t Believe that’

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Moments before an elderly man was killed and his wife beaten, the 19-year-old accused killer asked his parents for permission to go for a walk. When he came home he had blood on his clothes. Now police are trying to figure out why a teen who has never been in trouble with the law could be accused of such a horrible crime.

In a desperate plea for help, 94-year old Harriet Anderson called 9-1-1 after she and her husband were attacked in their home here on East 46th Street Wednesday evening. "Somebody got in the house and attacked me and my husband and I'm all bloody. And I'm an old woman," Mrs. Anderson told the dispatcher. "And I'm on the floor and my husband's been hit in the head."

But help would come too late. Anderson's husband, 97-year-old Rupert Anderson died after the attack. Minutes after police arrived, 19-year-old suspected killer Ngor Makuey walked past the police car of one of the responding officers with blood on his sweatshirt. The police car's dash camera caught a shot of Makuey. It was shown to neighbors and he was arrested.

Police say what makes this case so disturbing, there didn't seem to be a motive for the attack, and Makuey has no criminal history. "Zero history. I mean zero. There's nothing until last night," said Des Moines Police Sergeant Jason Halifax, "(He) knocked on the door, and I think the initial request was something about a pet. No known connection between him and a pet. We don't believe he has a pet or had a pet there at any time. She made some comment about what the hours of the business are and then the assault begins."

Makuey was found at his parents' home about a block away from the Andersons. He in charged with murder and attempted murder. Makuey is not a US citizen. His parents, who immigrated to the US from Ethiopia 12-years ago, think their son is innocent.

"I never seen that kid get in trouble with somebody else," said Makuey's father, Jinud Ruath. "He's a very respectful child. And he never disrespects anyone. I've never seen him get in a fight with other people."

Makuey's parents say the teen enjoys school and ran track for Southeast Polk High School. They say he wanted to grow up to be a rap star. "Even if you come here in the middle of the night you can hear his voice singing in his room. Always came down smiling in the face. I'm very proud of him," his father said.

As for the blood that was found on Makuey's sweatshirt, his mother, Myanyum Padiet said, "The blood was just a little was on the sweater here," she said pointing to her wrist, "Not on arm. It just over here. A little thing. And that's what the police say my son killed a 97-year-old. My son went there and he beat him up and that. That's what the police tell me. And I say I don't believe that too."

Padiet says she is waiting for police to analyze the blood. "I'm waiting for results to see exactly if my son did it. Right now I don't think so, my son did it."

Makuey's parents say he didn't even know the Andersons and would have no reason to commit such a horrible crime.

"A young man you know, invades somebody's house and just beat them up without any reason," Ruath said, "That can't happen."

Makuey's parents say the blood on their son's sweat shirt was dried. They believe it came from lamb he had been cooking. Makuey is being held in the Polk County Jail.


  • Kas

    Parents are in denial. As for “never been in trouble, zip…” well, first time for everything, could also be a case of not getting caught doing anything bad before or some sort of snap. I’m sure it is mind-blowingly shocking to the parents , but let’s stop making excuses for the bad things people do. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.

    • Holla

      You have to love it! “There was just a little bit of blood” Hmmmmmmm, yeah that might be a cue that he murdered somebody Mama…”I’m very proud of him” As you should be Jinud, I mean your son is in jail for 1 count each of murder & attempted murder, with a million dollar bond. Don’t they grow up so fast?

      Tell ya, let’s hurry up and find the aspiring rapper to prison for life and then deport Mr. & Mrs. Denial back to Ethiopa…A 90 year old couple is terrorized by a non-citizen and son of welfare king/queens. Can liberals…and republicans…stop this insanity by you know enforcing immigration and ending welfare?

  • Holla

    LMAO! “He was aspiring to be a rap star” “I’m very proud of him” “There wasn’t much blood”

    Only those people could say “I’m very proud of him” about their son who is in jail for murder and attempted murder for a 90 year-old couple. Maybe OJ can come to Iowa and help these 2 wonderful immigrants search for the real killers!

  • Dale

    “They say he wanted to grow up to be a rap star”

    that’s what’s so troubling – rap stars are known for their humility, nonviolence, respect for women and rejection for materialism.

  • john

    Oh unlike the whites that shoot up schools molest kids and oh yeah start major wars why don’t we deport you to hell so the whole world will be safe

    • Right Wing Patriot

      Take it easy John….re-adjust the vertical hold. The point is, if the immigration laws were being enforced this young man would not have been here. All societys have evil people. Your arguement does not add up.

      • Troy Hendrickson

        We live in a country that exists solely because the land was stolen from it’s rightful owners by deceipt and murder and people complain about immigrants. ROFLMAO !!!

      • Del

        Troy Henderson says:
        “We live in a country that exists solely because the land was stolen from it’s rightful owners by deceipt and murder and people complain about immigrants. ROFLMAO !!!
        July 4, 2014 at 10:05 am ”
        nice 4th of July post, Troy, that tells us all we need to know about you
        you’re full of hate toward the country that feeds and houses you

      • Justice

        Troy Henderson, my great-grandfather was full blood Cherokee…I am an American!!! Get over yourself.

      • Jenny

        The indians were not the only people to discover this land. They may have been here first but they started somewhere else. They didn’t crawl out of the pond as a fish! They are no differant than anyone else here in this land. Just saying.

    • sugahunny

      Right…I love to read these comments! I’m always reminded of the racial bias (not that I need to log into a comment board to see it), when a black person has allegedly committed a crime. We have all the “good ole” boys and girls spouting off at the mouth talking about “take it easy” or “send them back to where they came from!” There are hundreds of crimes (all of them disgusting) committed in this country, each day by both blacks and whites. The air is always different when it’s a black person who is charged with committing the crime…you can truly feel the hatred from some groups of people. When I read stories like this one, my heart goes out to the victims, no matter what their race is. This country has a lot to atone for…sins of the father.

  • Mike Cee

    Now we’ll get to hear from the parents how it couldn’t be their precious boy. Even though he came home with blood on his shirt, the authorities most likely are out to get him. It can’t be the fault of the kid-it has to be some one else’s fault. It sounds like David Flores all over again.

  • Miss

    What’s really messed up is if the blood on his shirt isn’t a match with the couple… I mean here the police think they have their guy 100 percent, I gaurantee the police are not even looking into other leads! It’s unlikely but just in case!

  • pzink

    I’m confused. Where in the story does it say that the family is here as illegal immigrants and on welfare. I know a lot of immigrants that have jobs and support themselves. Why so quick to judge?

    • Holla

      “Makuey is not a US citizen” should tell you something. Those “town homes” are low-income housing, hence the term “welfare”…I bet you do know LEGAL immigrants that work & support themselves as do I, this family doesn’t portray that do they?

      And why so quick to judge? Probably because non-politically correct news that isn’t blacked out and have had personal encounters along with conversations with various concerned citizens that love their country instead of people who are looking for a free ride and are dumb enough to tell a news reporter that their son didn’t do it when they FOUND BLOOD on him…I’m hoping the other victim lives long enough to identify this puke.

    • Mike Brandt

      Low income next to the school my 2 nd grader goes too was never discussed our city tryin to ruin the whole town I bet urbandale don’t have to worry about that screw his parents I hope he does in prison and send his whole family bak to where ever they come from was a nice area until all the thugs came that’s why I carry a gun diff story if he tried to come in mg house go NRA

      • Holla

        I feel for ya dude. People work hard, save your money and get a nice home with a good community and our rocking politicians take OUR Tax dollars and subsidize housing for these pukes so they can buy their tattoos and video games…I’m glad you’re prepared though!…Oh and mama, what was precious Ngor cooking that provided the blood?

    • sugahunny

      It’s a natural reflex for some! It’s a shame…some folks have hate so deeply ingrained in them, they can’t be objective or offer anything but negativity when it comes to folks outside of their own race!

  • pzink

    Non citizen does not mean illegal. Low income housing does not mean their a drain on society. I don’t see any proof in the story that they are. My son and niece are receiving food stamps and other assistance, including low income housing. Does that make them low lives also.

      • pzink

        Some immigrants from this area are refugees hence here legally. Also nice to know that a divorced single mom working part time while going to college and a divorced single father who owns his own house and works part time while in law school are sucking off the government and looking for a free ride. Yeah we really need to be afraid of them. You are nothing but prejudice and judgmental. Get the facts before condemning people.

  • Nigel Pearson

    TROY HENDRICKSON You are not correct at all . The small pox took care in the Indian pop. by killing off 80-90 percent of them
    Didn’t you go to history class ?

    • sugahunny

      If that’s true…where did the smallpox come from? The Europeans probably brought it with them from England. Face it, Europeans came to “discover” the new world…they actually highjacked it from the Native Americans, claimed it as their own and are now talking about immigration! Pllllleeeeaaaze! Let’s try the first in first out method for immigration reform! Since 80-90% of the natives are gone, that means Europeans should go back to the England!

  • Dave Mickenson

    Troy H If you feel that way then give them everything you have . Be a man, make the first move and show the world The great HUMAN you are . I bet you won’t do anything except make lame arguments…. Nigel is right Indians were killing other Indians long before white man came to the US. Just like how black gangs kill other black gang members

  • Justice

    What a coincidence. Their son in the same neighborhood has a bloody shirt the same time as two ELDERLY people in the neighborhood are attacked. Surely it couldn’t have been him. He is such a GOOD BOY. Obviously somebody violently murdered one of our 97 year old American Hero’s and attacked his 94 year old wife. They should keep their mouths shut until they have further evidence. Otherwise, they look like what we see they look like…Koolaid drinkers!!!

  • Renae

    Here we go again making it all about race, lets forget the fact a man who made it to 97 years old and lived through so much lost his life because someone took it!!! I do not care if he was purple, if he DID do this crime, there should be no mercy! People drag race into these stories and keep the racism going. Race has no place in this story!! Jump off and find something else to drudge that bull up into!! My heart goes out to the family as I have met them before and they were kind people and if this young man did this,,,, he should never see the light of day again. I believe he just has never been caught doing his wrongs. I have a feeling this guy has done many other things he has never been caught or had to answer for. I am so disgusted that this would even happen to one of our elderly for NO reason that I have no mercy for this person!!

  • ALDesMoines

    I can’t believe all the ridiculous and judgmental comments on this post. Aren’t we adults? This article has very little information about the proof they have against this guy so why doesn’t everybody just calm down and see what happens?

  • Justice

    How about a follow-up on this story? It has been several days now since the murder of a very elderly American hero and the beating of his very elderly wife. Are the cops now being hushed?

  • 1776blues

    This statement is naive because in real life, reality, it does and has happened.
    “A young man you know, invades somebody’s house and just beat them up without any reason,” Ruath said, “That can’t happen.”

    And because he has no record doesn’t mean he hasn’t committed any crimes, it most likely means he hasn’t been caught!

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