Man, 97, Killed in Home Invasion, Suspect Arrested

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines police have arrested Ngor Peter Makuey, 19, in connection with a homicide Wednesday night.

It happened at Vista Kennels at 4400 Northeast 46th street in Des Moines. Harriet Anderson, 94, called police at 7:44 p.m. saying a young man broke into their home, assaulting her and her husband, Rupert Anderson.

Ngor MakueyParamedics took Rupert to the hospital where he died. Rupert was 97-years-old. Rupert was born in Ankeny and served in the U.S. Navy.

Harriet was also taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. People were called in to take care of the dogs. This is the sixth homicide in Des Moines this year.

Police booked Ngor Makuey Thursday shortly after 4:30 a.m. in Polk County Jail. He is being charged with first degree murder. His bail has been set at $1-million.

Des Moines police say Makuey lived a short distance from the victims’ home at 4653 Hubbell Ave and had no history with the police department.

Police say they haven’t yet established a motive.

During a preliminary hearing Thursday morning, Makuey's appointed attorney asked him to stop jingling his chains numerous times. Makuey rolled his eyes and eventually stopped. Makuey is not a U.S. citizen. He is from Ethiopia. Makuey requested the judge notify the Ethiopian Consulate of the arrest.

Makuey enrolled in Southeast Polk High School last January.

Makuey lived a short distance from the victims' home. He has no history with the Des Moines Police Department prior to the homicide. Police say the victims were attacked by a metal instrument. Rupert died from blows to his head with an unidentified object. No motive has been identified at this point.

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  • Mike Cee

    I sincerely hope there is an especially painful place in Hades for someone who would do this to these people.

  • BrutallyHonest

    I just hope there is a very large man in prison waiting for this 19 year old to arrive and become his B! HAHA! He will be having meat sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner for many years to come!

  • Jesse Wise

    What a cowardly act! He is a worthless, useless thug and no self-respecting soul could defend this behavior or the perpetrator. I wish a speedy recovery for the widow so that she can place this coward where he belongs..

  • Matt M.

    This is the exact reason why I have a firearm. I wish that my grandparents were more open to self defense, people need to stop thinking this wont happen to me. It is better to have a firearm and never need it, than to need it and not have it. My prayers go out to the family.

      • Sue

        Yep, too bad Matt or Brad weren’t over visiting these folks when this POS came in! Justice would have been served ..

      • Sue

        I am not sure who you are talking to, Sidney, but, if it is me, I am 100% serious! Better this POS get shot, then let the law-abiding 97 year old veteran get beat to death and his 94 year old wife get put into the hospital in critical condition! Had Brad or Matt been there with their firearm and shot this creep, I would call them heroes!

  • Mike Brandt

    I live by this place and since they put the condos in where he lives our beautiful neighborhood has turned out to be crap because of these thugs

  • Justice

    Somebody who would do something like this is not even human. To beat up a 94 year old woman and a 97 year old man…For what??? Is he in this country legally? What a POS.

    • Kim

      AGREED!! I’m sure we’ll find out he’s not here legally, and the worst that will happen to him is that he’ll get shipped back to Ethiopia where he’s from.

      • Erwinia

        It is so sad that this happened to this nice elderly couple. I do not mean there are no criminals in Ethiopia but this guy is not an Ethiopian— His name does not belong in any of the Ethnic groups from Ethiopia. This can be verified by any one who knows Ethiopians.

  • Jake Moretti

    If this was a white teen and did this too an older black couple There would be big protests going on all over” But no just an innocent white couple that lived for 90 some years just to have this happen to them!! About time some people start standing up for there rights!!!

  • BeagleDad

    Our dogs stay here all the time. Great people and great place! What a tragedy! Our prayers go out to the family. This boy went to SE Polk! We need to deep dive into this. Is there more like him? We have too much violence in a city that should not have hardly any at all.

  • ghetto_scum

    Real nice that they keep letting low life garbage into this country so they can rob & kill people, yet it lived in TAXPAYER funded housing and got it’s free GIBS from the taxpayer, yet it had to go out and try and steal more.

  • Where's Liberty?

    Contact the Ethiopian Consulate, if you want. You need to abide by the rules and be held legally accountable for what you did to a couple in the prime of their lives. Disgusting. Deplorable. Savage.

  • Holla

    “Makuey rolled his eyes and eventually stopped.”

    Oh Ngor, I’m so sorry the attorney was inconveniencing you. But you’re so smart aren’t you?

  • jasonk

    Let’s not get carried away people. Our constitution states that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Only when the trial has finished and the verdict given should we cast our judgement.

  • Sirgut

    This guy is obviously mentally sick. It is unfortunate he is an Ethiopian. Ethiopians are peaceful people. Not even you guys who are commenting on this forum can dispute this. It is a fact. Please go and do your research. All you people who are advocating for gun ownership, please tell me what is the difference between you and him? He is one sick violent man. If you want to kill another man, are you not doing the same? Maybe legally, but the end result is the same, killing someone.

    • Sue

      I did not know, nor do I care, that he is Ethiopian. I would have to assume that there are good, and bad, people everywhere.
      I would not judge all Ethiopians by this monster. I think the HUGE difference between this monster and the others advocating gun ownership is this: This POS killed for the thrill of it. He went out looking for helpless, innocent people to murder in a horrendous, painful, terrifying manner for his own entertainment. Robbing them didn’t provide him with enough satisfaction, he had to terrify and hurt them too. I don’t want to put words into the other posters mouths, but, the way I feel about LEGAL gun ownership and the reason I think my shooting him is much different is this: I would be doing it to save the innocent lives of my family. Don’t I have the right to protect my children, myself, my parents from monsters like Ngor? Can you honestly say, Sirgut, that you would have no problem standing by, watching someone like this beat your wife or child to death because it would be wrong of you to take their life? Perhaps you do feel that way. I do not. I truly believe I could pull the trigger if it meant saving my family member from what this poor elderly couple went through.

  • Abdul Mohamed

    No, way this man don’t have ethiopian name don’t looks ethiopian at all, cause i’m ethiopian we hard workers we don’t killpeople spcially elders.

  • Dawit DT

    This guy is not Ethiopian, he is from Kenya. What a lier thug, Ethiopians are a humble honest, and a hard working people. I wish you nothing but misery to the rest of your life, garbage.

  • Abdul Mohamed

    We don’t use Ngore or mbaya or mbosa that sound to me kenyan or ugandan or other african name we don’t speak kiswahili, that sound to me kiswahili, we ethiopian speak our own language its called amharic ,oromic,tigri, and some others but i coldn’t search Ngore, in any of this ethinics, so he is not ETHIOPIAN, thanks.

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