Vehicular Homicide Suspect Jailed Again

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines man awaiting trial for the death of a motorcyclist was arrested again over the weekend.

Jacob Phipps is scheduled to go on trial on July 28th to face a charge of vehicular homicide. He’s accused of hitting motorcyclist Michael Harden on March 29th. Officials say he was drunk at the time of the crash.

Harden died ten days later.

Phipps was free on bond leading up to the trial, but the 21-year old is back in the Polk County Jail after a weekend arrest for child endangerment, harassment, and public intoxication.


  • Justice

    Judges need to stop being so lenient on offenders…No matter what the crime is. Make it harder to be bailed out. Of course, they need to free up jail space for the next criminal.

    • plynitsafe

      And The Prisons Are Over-Crowded. The System Has No Choice. Sad Situation. I Think? They Should Crowd them in the Prisons. After all? It IS PRISON !! It is Jail !!

  • Unknown

    He’s a worthless piece of sh**anyways deserves to go away for a long time but I bet they will give him 4 years and he will be out in 1 1/2 years instead because iowa!

  • Julie Robertson

    I hope they don’t let him out to hurt someone else…keep him in there for a long time…obviously nothing is going to work for this guy besides to keep him locked up…!!!!! Lets’ don’t let him hurt someone else…PLEASE..he has hurt enough people already

  • JcW

    Yes he has Julie, I saw this coming when he was freed….I am going to be writing letters to Sarcone and others to keep him locked up so he does n’ t kill anyone else….This angers me to no end.

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