Recreational Marijuana Sales Start in Washington

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BELLEVUE, Washington — It has been a long time coming since Washington voters approved I-502 legalizing recreational marijuana, but Tuesday is the big day.

While Dave Hart has no problem with pot shops opening in his Bellevue neighborhood, he does have concerns about edible marijuana snacks.

“As far as smoking it, I really don’t have an opinion. If they’re going to do that, they’re going to do it anyway.”

But as far as edible marijuana treats, he added, “I think that would be made available to kids in one form or another, whether intentionally, unintentionally or on purpose,” Hart said.

Green Theory, located at Main Street and 106th Avenue, plans to sell marijuana and marijuana-infused snacks, although edibles have not been approved for sale yet by the state Liquor Control Board.

Across the street, another shop, Greenside, has yet to clarify its business model.

Still, retired California police officer David Watson is worried.

He moved his family to Bellevue a year ago.

He remembers what the explosion of medical marijuana did in his home state.

“A lot of crimes go up because of those types of issues. People growing inside their house, then what’s common down there is a lot of people start robbing individuals, a lot of home invasions go up so crime did go up in California because of that issue,” Watson said.

“We don`t want kids to have access. It`s 21 and over and we`re ensuring the staff here knows that and some issues we`ve run into with the alcohol industry with fake identification,” Washington Liquor Control Board member Dan Turner said.

But that may not be enough.

Student David Watson Jr. said that, as they always with alcohol, kids will find a way to get marijuana.

“You can get it from anywhere really. There’s a black market you can get it from. That’s where all my friends get it from,” Watson, Jr. said.

The state will track all sales through ‘Green Bits’. It’s a bar code scanning system designed specifically for the retail marijuana market.

“All inventory coming into the store will come in through our system, we make it easy for all the bud tenders to ring up marijuana and paraphernalia and report to the state real time to make sure the store stays in compliance,” Green Bits founder Ben Curren said.

The state says buying marijuana will be as safe as buying alcohol and any kinks in the system will be worked out as time passes and everyone gets a little more experienced.


  • Ishmale Whale

    Kids are already, and have been getting it without it being recreationaly legal. With the laws and regulations on tobacco and alcohol, getting marijuana is easier as the black market does not check IDs. It becoming legal in any way does not make it any easier for kids to get it. They always have, and always will. The only thing that actually changed is someone over the age of 21 will not get a criminal record for using in a peaceful and safe manner.

  • William Denison

    Buying weed here in Iowa is kinda like shopping for something not otherwise available here on the internet. Easy to get and one does not have to pay taxes on it. Thanks Terry you really are a good and decent man!!!! :)

    • Ishmale Whale

      I really don’t want to pay excessive taxes on it, if it ever becomes legal. I don’t have to pay taxes on the beer and wine I brew at home. I just can’t sell it, and would never have any intention to. Now distilling, that will get you into trouble. The federal government wants it’s taxes on the hard booze, but you are free to make your lower level under a certain yearly amount with no sales.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    I notice WHO is prohibiting comments on most of the Iowa med stories. The families should spit in Branstads face, he’s nothing but a wholly corrupt hypocrite playing sick twisted games with human beings.

    I’ll be glad when that disgusting piece of garbage is burning with his pals in hell.

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