CIML Break-Up Looming, Schools Make Alternative Plans

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The CIML dividing line runs between the have and the have-nots and the split could come before the end of the month.

The five Des Moines schools, Marshalltown, Ottumwa and perhaps Indianola would like to break away from the other 11.  Most of those are suburban schools with more resources and participation from students and fans. The hope is that a new conference would provide a more even playing field.

Des Moines Public Schools spokesman, Phil Roeder, says schedules within the new eight-team league would not look too different from the CIML's Metro Division where all but Marshalltown currently play.

The breakaway schools are hoping that more parity will mean more winning and more participation from students.

Activities directors from the remaining 11 schools met on Wednesday to discuss what they should do. Dowling AD, Tom Wilson, says they won't try to stop the others from breaking away.

“I think the big thing is if this is what they want to do, we certainly wish them well," Wilson said. "We feel like we’re going to have a great league and can take care of each other and make some adjustments and we’ll be able to move forward.”

A final decision must be reached but August 1st, leaving a full year for new activities schedules to be drawn up.


  • BrutallyHonest

    I certainly think that there are several schools in the DM area that are much bigger (Ankeny, Waukee, WDM) and those that are able to recruite players (Dowling) that should be in their own league. Personally i think all the private schools should be in their own leagues together since they get the advantage of recruiting players.

    • Sally

      I think there need to be more divisions. After Ankeny split, they are now TWO schools in the top size category. That means they were HUGE when they were just one school. How can a school that has half the enrollment of another school be in the same division?

      How many private schools do we have around here? Would Downling and Ankeny Christian, and Des Moines Christian end up playing each other over and over?

  • D. Stech

    Everyone needs to know this will not affect football, that is all on the District level. It is for all othe sports.

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