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Cracks Repaired at Ames Waterpark, Slides Reopen

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ames water slideAMES, Iowa – Slides at an Ames water park have reopened after emergency repairs were made.

Officials say welding repairs were made Wednesday on the structural supports to three slides at the Furman Aquatic Center.

An annual inspection brought the cracks to light. It’s thought they were caused by a lack of drainage holes allowing for a buildup of water that froze in the winter.

Ames Parks and Recreation Director Keith Abraham apologized for the temporary closure.

“We know closing the slides was an inconvenience and disappointment to our users, and for that we sincerely apologize,” Abraham said in a statement. “Yet, we must ensure our facility is safe for all swimmers and staff all hours of operation. Safety comes first.”

Officials are determining who is responsible for paying for the estimated $2,000 repairs at the $10-million facility.

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  • Jeff Mertz

    So how did they create drainage holes in the bottoms of the columns without lifting the columns to reach the bottom to properly create the weep holes? Did an engineer review the cracks and verify the repair procedure? Was a certified welder used to complete the repairs? Because the cracks have been there and rusting for several months and then magically it was a problem, it is apparent that the water park is not doing a good job of inspecting the structure on a consistent basis. I would assume the repairs were done as poorly as the inspections.

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