‘Imagine a Rocket Being Deliberately Launched at You,’ Local Man Caught in Israel Violence

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DES MOINES, Iowa - An Israeli man living in the metro area is visiting family in Jerusalem in the midst of the continuing Palestinian Israeli conflict.

Gil B., says missile sirens sound daily and sometimes hourly in the city, his two young daughters thought the sirens were tornado sirens. Minutes before interviewing him via Skype a missile struck in his area and he and his family were forced to take cover in a nearby bomb shelter.

“Since it started it affects our lives daily, there is not a day that we don’t have one encounter with the situation.”

Israel continues to launch strikes against the Palestinian military group – Hamas in Gaza, keeping up with the rockets that are flying into Israel.

The Palestinian Health Ministry claims 23 people died and thousands more were injured Saturday due to Israeli strikes. Israel’s defense minister’s calling Saturday, “A day full of achievements.”

“They induce fear in the citizens and destroy the daily routine and the safety of citizens and that’s what these rockets aim to do,” says Gil.

Palestinians and Israelis have fought for years over political power. A spokesperson for the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines says this violence poses more of a threat to the country.

“What makes this is different is the number of missiles they are sending in and the fact that they are escalating this situation,” says Mark Finklestein.

Water and electricity have been cut off in parts of Gaza because of the damage from continued fighting. Israel is considering sending troops into Gaze if the violence continues.


  • John Dean Heidenreich

    Well, that’s how the Palistinian’s feel bub. What Israel is doing is war crime. Over one hundred people not connected to Hamas (Which was created by Israel so Israel would have a constant enemy and could play the victim) have been killed.

  • Ben Zweidle

    Give it up. Israel has the right to defend itself and Troy, blah blah blah you have GOT to be a troll. You always jump in with some obtuse commentary. And exactly where do you get your incorrect info, John H.? I swear that some commentary here is penned by either trolls or Obama operatives.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    When Israel pulls back to the borders the world was gracious to grant it, and accepts that Palestinians have as much right to exist as they do, then we can talk When Israel is sinless, then they point the fingers.

  • William Denison

    Why does the American help pay in the tune of $3.15 billion per year for the next five years for the Israelis Apartheid on the Palestinians?

  • William Denison

    Everyone says Israel is our only and strong ally in the middle east. If so way are we always fighting their wars alone with no help from them spilling our own blood and footing the bill?

    • William Denison

      Sorry LIL but your anti-Semitism card won’t work for me. I call as I see it. I pulled the truth card. Tell your people to stop the killing and the stealing.

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