Governor Doesn’t Want Undocumented Kids in Iowa

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said Monday he doesn't want the federal government to move undocumented children into his state.

Governors in Oklahoma and Nebraska said children dropped off at the U.S. border from other countries have recently been brought into their states without their knowledge. Branstad said that hasn't happened in Iowa.

"Secure the border," Branstad emphasized several times during his weekly news conference with reporters at the Iowa Statehouse.

Branstad said the United States shouldn't accept the children brought into the country unlawfully. "Don't want to send a signal to send kids illegally," he said.

The White House estimated more than 50,000 children, many from Central American countries, have been taken to the U.S. border with the expectations they could then remain in the country.

"My God. This is a humanitarian crisis," said Kathleen McQuillen, the Iowa Program Director of American Friends Service Committee.

McQuillen's group, a Quaker-based organization, questions how the country could spend trillions on war and not have the pennies on those dollars to spend to take care of children in dire need. She said, "It's a simple thing to begin to say, what's important in this world?"

She said her organization hasn't heard of anyone reaching out to bring undocumented children to Iowa yet. But she said her members will begin conversations on how to take in those children and get them started in their new lives in the state, if that should happen one day.


  • Sally

    Terry isn’t the only one that doesn’t want them here. I certainly don’t. NO, it’s not that I am afraid of children. I have two wonderful children of my own. I AM afraid of a drain on our economy. Right now it’s 50,000 children. most of them don’t speak English. They are going to be 100% reliant on government handouts. Obama is already asking for $3.7 BILLION. That’s just to get them all here. Then you have to support them.
    THEN…they need their families..Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Great Uncle. Next thing you know, we’ve got ANOTHER 200,000-250,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS (NOT IMMIGRANTS) coming across that again, don’t speak English, cant’ get jobs, need healthcare, need food, shelter, etc.
    I already pay way too much of my income in taxes. I can’t afford to support anyone else!

      • Right Wing Patriot

        Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and take in a family of four or five? Nowhere in the Bible does it say to use the government to extract money from one group people to give to another group. Christ talks about individual responsibility to help the sick, poor and hurting (which we are called to do as Christians). Lastly, we are 18 TRILLION in debt. ……it’s called broke .

      • Paul

        A coward is someone who hides behind a bogus name, an idiot is someone who rewards criminals… of any age.

      • Cheryl Meril

        That dumb old lady promoting this as an alleged humanitarian gesture isn’t of the Christian faith but of the devil’s deceptive works that are not of His spirit. These children are being used to usher in GODLESS socialism in America and they are going to collapse our borders to make it one world under the antichrist. You can’t enter Heaven through human effort, only through accepting Jesus and following Him. Guilty consciences of unsaved sinners will never bring anything to the Kingdom of God. This is not God’s way, it’s the way of spiritual depravity, death, sin and failure.

      • Cheryl Meril

        P.S. to the commenter here. You do not know God nor have a relationship with Him to know the difference between a true Christian or false one. You are promoting confusion and false beliefs about Christianity. There is no such thing as good works of human effort, no way to enter heaven or be accepted by Jesus on our own, it is a gift from God sent through what Jesus did on the cross to defeat the evil principalities of this world. We are fallen sinners and the only way back is to accept Jesus into our lives, ask for forgiveness and repent of our sins. When we follow Him through His Word, he leads us out of this world through faith and his grace and we have a relationship with Him.

        Obama is bringing in death and disease, implementing collapsing our borders to usher in a one world government in which people like yourself will be worshiping the evil one, the antichrist. You are currently ignorant and spiritual blind headed on the broad path to hell through ignorance. Humanitarian efforts are of Satan, the devil who has his own new age religion people like you follow on your way to eternal hell.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      Tell me something, since you’re concerned about your tax dollars going to the wrong places, how do you feel about the $1.8 billion dollars alcohol abuse costs Iowa each year, and the fact that despite it being the most dangerous drug in Iowa, the state has actually subsidized the production, abuse and promotion of alcohol for a significant net loss to you and everyone else?

      I mean if you’re really concerned about the waste of tax dollars that is…

  • Rebecca Hergert

    We just don’t have the resources for this. (money, medicine-prevent diseases, housing, employment, Spanish/translators teachers)
    This would be a head-ache for law enforcement, the drug trafficking, weapons, terrorist attack, other sorts of crime.
    Asians, Canadians just don’t walk in here like this!!
    I’m sure they will be deported back!!

    • William Denison

      Rebecca…easy tiger. When my people came here there were signs in store windows saying “Irish need not apply”. This after being starved out by a corrupt government . We went on to help build this country into what it has become today. Turn off Fox News for a week or so and talk with and get to know these people. They are no different then we are except they are harder workers.

      • Right Wing Patriot

        Easy tiger….when the Irish came, they came here LEGALLY along with the many others folks (like my great-grandparents from Northern England). If a person had any sign of disease they were sent back…by the boat-load. We have to have rule of law otherwise you have chaos/anarchy (like what you are seeing on the boarder).

    • No More Tea Bags

      You and the other self-absorbed cretins, manufacture the exact same arguments EVERY SINGLE TIME when there’s an influx of immigrants. It’s called “HISTORY”. Might wanna crack a book. Get off the FauxNews and learn something… or just continue being the most ignorant of our populous.

      • Kevin

        I have an idea…why don’t you take them and we put you on your on little island to raise them. What are these people breeding for and then shipping their kids off in the hope that we will raise them? Teach them about contraception

  • Kyra

    No More Tea Bags – well, he’s just not right. I certainly wouldn’t take offense at being called a coward by him (or her).
    Just dumping off 50,000 kids for another country to have to take care of? That isn’t right. Yes, they need to be sent back. I’m responsible for raising my own kids. I don’t get to just dump them off where ever I want and let them be someone else’s problem. (Not that I would or would even want to.) For once, Terry and I agree. I don’t want them here, either. I already pay for enough of other people’s kids.

    • William Denison

      Last I checked my property taxes go mostly to the schools your kids attend. My kids are grown, why should I pay to school your kids? I hope they learn faster then you have.

    • No More Tea Bags

      Explain how it’s wrong, when we as a country, have always insisted other countries absorb refugees under the exact same circumstances; but when it comes to the USA, somehow we always end up arguing with self-absorbed @zz37ohz that argue that we just can’t do it.

      • Right Wing Patriot

        How about you volunteer to take a family in? If you reach out to Homeland Security, they might be able to get it set up. Put your money where your mouth is.

      • Tommy

        I’ve traveled in my work all over North America…..When you say THESE ARE CHILDREN be advised that many many of these “children” are members of MS-13 one of the most violent street gangs in existence and would kill you and your family without blinking an eye. Also the Center for Disease Control have been ordering coffins by the truck loads as there are “children” crossing the boarder without any type of health check and are carrying fast spreading H1N1, Avain and other viruses………no we don’t need them in Iowa or anywhere else until they immigrate though the proper channels and then I will welcome them with open arms.

  • William Denison

    Terry Braindead only wants those here that are old enough to work in our packing houses and farm fields. When and if he can weaken the child labor laws he has no time for these kids.

  • American

    That a way governor Branstad! Way to stand up for the people of Iowa! No illegals in Iowa, they are destroying our nation, schools, hospitals, law enforcement is overwhelmed. Did I mention they don’t pay taxes and live off your tax money, and are riddled with disease? They’ll suck the middle class into poverty too. Hussein and Holder have orchestrated it all in an effort to push their fanatical ideologies.

    • No More Tea Bags

      What an embarrassment you are. Nothing but a craven, greedy coward. Stop picking on CHILDREN; stand up and help instead of being the problem. Hope everyone you knows that CHILDREN make your knees buckle in fear.

  • mark

    Leave the children brought to the US from Viet Nam out of this debate…a lot of those children were born in the war from GIs being their father’s and for them to stay in Viet Nam meant death at the hands of the Communists and Khmer Rouge…………these other contries in Central America need to quit turning a blind eye to their neighbors……its funny, everyone in the world hates us and wants to see our way of life destroyed but when their chips are down, who tdo they call to help them and who’s doorstep do they show up on……

  • Rebecca Hergert

    I think if any of you have a plan. Texas Governor Rick Perry would like to hear it.
    But we have laws on the books & we need/must enforce it & protect our border.
    Even my husband said the same thing Donald Trump said, ‘you just don’t walk in here’
    If you notice Asian folks are well educated & they just don’t walk in here!!
    Go through the legal process & then you are welcome in!!

    • No More Tea Bags

      Love it when folks spout the law and/or their innate knowledge of the Declaration Of Independence…

      The law states that these CHILDREN have a right to request asylum AND have a hearing. This little law was signed by your last mistake, GWB. Now these fidiot Republibags want to waste more and more millions of dollars suing the President for “not following the law as written”; but now are screaming for him to not to follow the law. I think you have to be schizophrenic to be a Reich-wing Teabuggin Republican.

  • AverageRedNeckGirl

    I would have to agree with Brandstad. The media’s word for undocumented is illegal. What part of illegal do the parents who send these kids understand? We have problems finding foster homes. What are the vaccinations, health issues for these kids? Who gets to pay for them? Where are they going to live? Nothing is free. NOTHING.

    • No More Tea Bags

      You and the other self-absorbed cretins, manufacture the exact same arguments EVERY SINGLE TIME when there’s an influx of immigrants. It’s called “HISTORY”. Might wanna crack a book. Get off the FauxNews and learn something… or just continue being the most ignorant of our populous.

  • Dennis Reese

    a lot of fear mongering in here..especially from anyone using an internet moniker based on “redneck or a political affiliation.”

    i feel bad for you when you really think kids should be deported to 2nd rate living just because they were circumstantially born on the other side of an imaginary line…not all of them have some story about robbing you of your precious space or wanting to commit “terrorism” like i saw a lady say.

    you all act like your social system is going to collapse from these kids being here..spouting fraudulent claims like “then theyre families will come in” and “its a drain on the school system.”

    Yet half of you cant even use “than/then” in the proper context.

    Rightwingpatriot why are you citing bible articles and civic duty. religion should be abolished from any and all governance. if your church doesnt want to pay taxes that would easily help fix the deficit than maybe you should have less pull.

    also, ask the native americans how they feel about borders.

    so glad i moved to CA.

    • AverageRedNeckGirl

      Actually if you are happy living in CA then I am happy for you. Please enjoy what Governor Brown provides for you.

      • No More Tea Bags

        Not very bright are you??? Brown has done amazingly well after they got rid of that clown Schwarzenegger. California is doing better than most. Lets see… what State is in the worst fiscal shape in the country??? Come on genius, tell us. Of course you can’t because they don’t tell you stuff like that on FauxNews. It’s that bastion of Conservatism, KANSAS. The State their Governor proclaimed was going to be the “model”; “the State all States need to emulate”. The only reason they aren’t in more debt than California… (yet), is because the folks that want a life leave, & most people have brains enough to stay out of the 1800’s.

  • No More Tea Bags

    To Reicht-Wing Fidiot & your ankle-biter buddy Kevin:
    I’d be more than happy to take in up to 2 of these CHILDREN. (I limit it to 2 ONLY because of space & they’d have to bunk in the basement.) I have no fear of CHILDREN taking over my country. The article is about your corporate master in the State House saying he wants none of them here. Get your talking points together and stop sounding like a bunch of feeble-minded, FauxNews junkies.
    What an embarrassment you two are. Nothing but craven, greedy cowards. Stop picking on CHILDREN; stand up and help instead of being the problem.

  • plynitsafe

    Excellent Decision !!! What the Governor says is True. They are bringing a lot of diseases with them and much more importantly? It is the Mexican Drug Cartels that have Sent these Children over here. Don’t think that you can adopt them and not pay the consequences when their parents come right behind them. Once they are claimed Citizens? So Are their Parents !! They are Trying to Find Every Loop Hole to get over here. So Far? The Mexican Drug Cartel has taken completely over the Ozarks. This is their way of getting Much more .. Into this Country !!

    • No More Tea Bags

      You’re out of your ever-lovin mind. The Mexican Cartels have taken over the Ozarks??? My 1200+ relatives that live all up and down the Ozarks would find that quite hilarious. From what bat-sh!t crazy Reicht-wing website did you come up with this??? Next you’ll be telling us the North Koreans are invading Utah. You’re suppose to be taking those meds orally, not as a suppository.

  • Marnie

    Thank you, Gov. Branstad! Enough is enough. This is NOT a humanitarian crisis, it is another strummed up trick of a crooked administration to overwhelm our country–a country that is floundering severely because of him and his cronies. You think this is compassion on the part of this president? Think again. It is more political maneuvering. I am thankful that our governor is among those (and no, I am not a “teabagger”) with the common sense and foresight to see through the scheme. Iowa has been inundated far to much as it is with swarms of illegal aliens, all of them costing the taxpayers a bundle. Enough. They need to go home to their families.

    • No More Tea Bags

      What an embarrassment you are. Nothing but a craven, greedy coward. Stop picking on CHILDREN; stand up and help instead of being the problem. Hope everyone that knows you is aware it’s CHILDREN that makes your knees buckle in fear.

  • Jessica Bowman

    We have kids in this country, this THIS STATE of IOWA that are in dire need. Kids that were born here!! Kids that are being abused, solicited, kidnapped, killed, starved, and ignored. Where’s the bleeding hearts for THEM?!! I tell you, if I was an alien, I might re-think sending my kid to a place so rampant with needs…it looks good on paper, but not every kid gets the helps they need. So many kids (teenagers) are sent here, and end up in sex trafficking or homeless, in prison, then deported anyway. There has to be a better solution. Really. Can’t anyone come up with something better?

  • Jon

    No one is picking on CHILDREN. Obama is USING CHILDREN to create PLANNED CHAOS. Keepin’ America in disarray, guess which direction the next hit will come from. It’s a strategy, people, enlighten yourselves. Of course, if you are one of “his,” you will keep defending and crying “humanitarian effort, children, racist, nothing to see in Benghazi, blah blah blah.”

  • John

    I’m sure the governor went way out of his way to protect his children- ignoring the law by going 95mph, closing WFD offices, closing the Toledo school (a great place to ‘store’ some of these kids), or lying to the public/legislature by claiming to be governing and also that he doesn’t know anything going on in the government when it’s ‘wrong’ (pre-covering-up sensitive issues by edicts that they shouldn’t be discussed in e-mails or paper trails).

    There is no theme park choo choo running from central america to the U.S. border. For all you brave windbags who won’t let your kids or gkids walk home from school and lock your country club homes doors at night, imagine it is one of your relatives or kids friends fleeing the pressures, intimidation, and bullets of cartels, gangs, and idiot militiamen who prefer violence to the courts to foment change. (that last sounds like that Nevada conclave of morons a couple of months ago)

    When you “secure the border” by building fences and deploying policemen the funneling result is the capture of 50,000 kids and an even larger number of adults… Just like we can’t throw kids in jail with adults, we also can’t just throw them back over the fence with the adults. Some short sighted congressmen appropriated money for fences and policemen but forgot to fund the courts to back them up (and still do up to last week when they passed a $150billion taxbreak for the rich that equals more money for millionaires, but refused $3.5 billion for court resources and border resources that equal JOB CREATION in the US.)

    Until we ramp up the resources to deport them, or grant them asylum, these children, as much as your children, deserve the best protection we can provide them. If you need a lesson in empathy, take your 11 year old downtown at 3 in the morning and let them walk home while you try to sleep, and if one night doesn’t work, they you are beyond hope.

  • sick of Obumer

    Bottom line, they are coming here illegally. Dose not matter if they are kids or not.
    Do it legally and no one will have one bit of problem with it. Oh and did you not know about all the criminals that are coming over with those kids?

    • No More Tea Bags

      The law states that these CHILDREN have a right to request asylum AND have a hearing. This little law was signed by your last mistake, GWB. Now these fidiot Republibags want to waste more and more millions of dollars suing the President for “not following the law as written”; but now are screaming for him to not to follow the law. I think you have to be schizophrenic to be a Reich-wing Teabuggin Republican.

  • PJ Yusten

    It is amazing how many of these hypocrites claim to be Christians. Sad, but amazing. WWJD? The freaking Congress rejected the immigration bill and now they are calling on the President to clean up the mess. Will these losers ever take responsibility for their hostile actions? They’re tearing out country apart because our President is Black. Oh, but they are almighty Christians. Praise God! Now let’s go kill us some kids.Yee-haw. I can’t even express my level of disgust.

  • LKM

    I think cowardly is hiding behind a fake name “No More Teabags”! You want to run your mouth on here but are afraid to let people know who you really are in fear they may comfront you in public! In my opinion they should have loaded them all up and turned the busses right around and took them back to their families. That would have nipped it in the bud immediately!

  • duane mcphillips

    i love my country and i love my fellow AMERICANS, and to witness some of you carrying on in here like children just saddens my heart! whatever happened to ONE nation under God, INDIVISIBLE with liberty and justice for all? if we put as much time and energy into becoming part of the solution as opposed to fighting over the problem…………………..God Bless America!!!

  • Cheryl Meril

    Alleged humanitarian efforts are ushering in the one world religion of the antichrist, it’s all a facade to usher in what the Prophets in the Bible spoke of long ago. Obama’s collapsing the borders, bringing in death to America through disease, giving illegals a free pass to destroy our country’s economy as the final death blow. He’s ushering in socialism and could care less about America. There is no such thing as being a good humanitarian and getting into heaven, it’s the works of the devil. Jesus is a gift to us who came back to save humanity from this very thing, and His Word is the only truth there is, all we need. We can’t earn our way back to heaven through good works, he suffered to save us for our sins to solve our spiritual problem to bring us back. We’re on God’s timeline, these are deceptive people with hidden agendas. Heed, it’s the devil behind it wanting to usher in antichrist fake religion.

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