Lance Armstrong Set for RAGBRAI Ride

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DES MOINES, Iowa – A familiar face will join for RAGBRAI for the sixth time. Lance Armstrong will ride the first four days.

Armstrong was once a legendary cyclist before admitting to cheating with illegal performance enhancing drugs.

At RAGBRAI, Armstrong says he will also work as a bartender in Rock Valley to raise money for flood victims.

Channel 13’s Stephanie Moore and photojournalist Mike Borland will ride Monday to Thursday giving you an inside look from the ride.


  • William Denison

    Last week some Maddie guy who plays baseball was welcomed with open arms in Iowa even though he’s a cheat. Next week Iowa welcomes Lance Armstrong who’s a bully and a cheat. Next month Iowa will be welcoming OJ Simpson when he opens up his football camp for kids here. The camp is already booked up until 2018. I give up.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Lance Armstrong is a pathological liar and a true sociopath who only admitted the truth after repeatedly denying it and personally attacking anyone who accused him, and only when he could no longer deny it, he “admitted” the truth. What’s sad is that some people in Iowa are so desperate for association with “celebrity” that they’ll throw out all morals and ethics.

  • L Brandt

    So sad Armstrong is even mentioned in the press. Why bring attention to such bad behavior. Iowa, my home state, why associate with him? Disappointed.

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