Hatch Sees Numbers That Show Big Challenge Ahead

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branstad hatchDES MOINES, Iowa — State Senator Jack Hatch, a Des Moines Democrat, saw numbers this week,  both financial and support, that underscore his uphill battle to beat Iowa’s longest serving governor, Terry Branstad.

Branstad’s campaign announced it had $4 million on hand in its campaign account. Hatch hasn’t disclosed his yet.

A new NBC News/Marist poll shows the Republican governor leading Hatch 53-38%.

Branstad’s favorability marks sit at 53% versus 36% unfavorable. Ten percent consider themselves unsure. Hatch has 29 to  24 favorability to unfavorability numbers, while  33% said they were unsure.

Branstad’s approval numbers are far higher than both President Obama and members of Branstad’s party in Congress.

President Obama, who rocketed to national stardom after winning the 2008 caucuses, has a 37% approval rating with Iowans. Congressional Republicans would feel fortunate to have the president’s number. Their approval rate is just 21%.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the poll numbers. 

Hatch appeared on Chuck Todd’s show on MSNBC.



  • William Denison

    Terry Branstads first words out of his mouth in regards to the dirty oil Texas pipeline cutting right though the state was “I don’t have any info on that yet” That’s what he says about everything. His second words were “I do support the federal government taking the land from farmers using eminent domain laws”. Kinda a big statement to make when you said you had no info on the matter. Its appears that old Terry is trying to use his Jedi mind tricks again. He’s a proven liar, corrupt and a bully. Polls don’t mean much. People getting out the word and voting in mid terms do.

    • Mike Cee

      Typical liberal response. If the poll numbers were in the liberals favor you’d be parrotting them everywhere. When they are so drastically skewed against you, all you can do huff, puff and pretend they don’t matter. You’re really no better than the politicians you pretend to despise.

      The democrats have been throwing anything and everything political against the wall to see if anything might stick. So far they are only making themselves look foolish, and Jack Hatch is nothing more than an empty suit. This is just a guess on my part, but when he does release his campaign figures, I suspect it will be pretty pathetic.

      • John

        Think for yourself…. The testimony on the $500,000 of hush money said that Branstads staff were told not to send emails on controversial issues ( which Findley reinforced) That’s an awful lot like the missing sections of Nixon’s tapes- a pre coverup coverup.
        Additionally, when will Branstad “know” anything about what is going on in his administration. He even claimed that the fake Hatch site was the hijinks of his younger staff when it is really a tactic endorsed by the RNC and used in other states by Republicans.

        Not only is Branstad either duplicitous or not in control, he sure doesn’t live by the golden rule. If you think a governor who doesn’t know about a single action his high level staff or his driver is involved in, carry’s two sets of books, and thinks misrepresentation on the web (that would get a student suspended for imitating the principal) is funny, then vote for him, but please stay away from sharp objects and fire, because your poor decisions will get you hurt.

  • Completely confused

    With all of the controversy on Branstad’s watch I cannot fathom why ANYONE would vote for him again.

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