Drug Overdose Suspect Wants Bond Reduced

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The man charged in the methadone overdose of a Grimes teen wants his bond reduced.

Patrick Glade, 25, is in the Polk County Jail on a $20,000 cash only bond. He is accused of supplying the drugs that an autopsy showed Aaliya West, 17, overdosed on in 2013.

According to the Des Moines Register, Glade’s attorney says the bond as presently set is punitive in nature and serves no purpose.

A bond review hearing is set for Thursday morning.


    • Jess

      Are you a recovering alcoholic or what Troy? You have a rather unhealthy obsession with alcohol.
      You actually can be prosecuted for selling alcohol. If you are caught selling it to a minor, you are prosecuted because that, like meth, is illegal. Also, if a person has a car accident due to drunk driving, they can, and have, come back on the bar that over served that person. Now, how a bartender who doesn’t know me is supposed to tell, in the 2 minutes it takes me to buy a drink, that I am too drunk to drive, I don’t understand.
      People need to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. But, again, this case is different because the drug was ILLEGAL. Alcohol is LEGAL if you are of age.

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