Eastern Iowa Child, 3, Drowns After Swimming in Stock Tank

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Iowa — A three-year-old Iowa girl has died after drowning in a stock tank.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office says Abby Miller’s family used the tank as a swimming pool at their rural Iowa City home.

While swimming with siblings Monday, the girl was discovered underwater and unresponsive. Abby’s mother began CPR and when emergency responders arrived she was taken to University of Iowa Hospitals by air ambulance.

Abby died Tuesday in Iowa City. Her family says Abby was able to give the gift of life through an organ donation.

Abby’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday in Kalona.


  • gimmieabreak

    just watch:
    if it turns out this happened on a farm…no charges.
    if it turns out this did not happened on a farm…child endangerment charges will be filed.

    oh yes, before everyone jumps on me for being real:
    prayers to the family.

  • Sherry

    First my Prayers go out to the families… Heaven received an angel today! My question is IF she was swimming with siblings(ages) where were they at and why did they leave her? Next, why would they(adult/s) leave a child that young alone no matter what age(shame on them). Yes i’m judging shame on the parents for being responsible this baby had to die and this goes for anyone not just this accident.

  • Amber

    Rip and prayers to the family. Thank you for giving the gift of life to another child by donating her organs such a wonderful thing to do.

    • gimmieabreak

      I doubt you can comprehend the idiocy of posting anyone’s full name on here but let me ask you.
      A quick google search shows there are 3 (three) Troy Hendrickson’s in the central Iowa area, at least 3 (three) more Troy Hendrickson’s in neighboring states and 17 (seventeen) Troy Hendrickson’s in other states.
      I didn’t bother with online court records but which Troy Hendrickson are you?
      While you’re at it…your complete address would be helpful along with DOB and your SS number.

      Who knows, just maybe you could be sued for ID misrepresentation or even defamation of character.
      …may attorney friend tells me these days you can be sued for just about anything.
      Get it yet?….nah, didn’t think so.

      • Troy Hendrickson

        I get that some people don’t wish to be held accountable for their words and speak with all the bravery of being out of range, such people are inconsequential to anything relevant

  • Julia

    Is this really the time and place for such idiotic back and forth? My thoughts and prayers go out to the family for their loss. No words bad or good will ever decrease their guilt or ease their pain for the loss of their precious angel.

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