NBC Poll Puts Braley & Ernst in Dead Heat for Senate Seat

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NEW YORK - The closely watched contest for US Senate in Iowa is neck-and-neck according to a recent poll.

A new NBC News/Marist Poll looked at the match-up between Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Bruce Braley.

The survey shows the two are even with 43-percent of registered voters.

It shows a third of voters say they’re unsure about their opinion on the candidates or have never heard of them.

The poll, released Tuesday morning, also show Governor Branstad has a lead over Jack Hatch.

Branstad received 53-percent support while Hatch pulled in 38-percent. Nine-percent were undecided.

View the results here.


  • No vote from me

    Joni Ernst keeps running the same ad about Bruce Braley disrespecting farmers for taking a jab at Chuck Grassley for not having a law degree. The reality is Joni Ernst is the one who’s disrespecting farmers by wanting to sell them out to Texas oil goons for a buck and having their land taken from them though eminent domain and then not having to protect the surrounding land by shutting down the EPA. Many of these farmers are on century farms that have been in the same family for many generations. Joni Ernst has shown herself to be nothing more then a woman willing to sell herself to the highest bidder. To bad its just not to anyone from Iowa. Why should farmers have to go out and hired a attorney and spend their time and money defending their own land? I don’t know the answer to that only that they can’t hire Chuck Grassley. You farmers have shot yourselves in your own foot by being the republican base. Its time to change parties if you know what’s good for you and your families.

  • No vote from me

    Governor Branstad has lots in common with Chris Christie. Christie likes to harass and bully his voters by shutting down bridges. Branstad just burns bridges of his voters by lying to them and bullying them. Not to mention selling them out to Texas oil goons.

      • William Denison

        How about the article saying”The poll, released Tuesday morning, also show Governor Branstad has a lead over Jack Hatch.” Try reading dummy.

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