Motorcyclist Killed in Police Pursuit Was Barred from Driving

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- Police say a motorcyclist who died while trying to flee police in West Des Moines had been barred from driving.

Officials say a West Des Moines officer saw the motorcycle at 4th and Ashworth and thought it was stolen. While the officer tried to get a glimpse of the license plate the driver, Trent Bennett, took off -- even driving off without his headlights on.

As he got to Railroad Avenue an SUV turned in front of him and the two hit nearly head-on, killing Bennett.

Officers says after running the license plate of the motorcycle they discovered it was not stolen.

"This person took off for a reason, and if you looked at this person's driving record, you would see that he was not supposed to be driving, he was barred. And that's one of the reasons we're looking into as to why this person chose not to stop for law enforcement,” says Sgt. Scott Bright with the Iowa State Patrol.

The driver and passenger in the SUV weren't hurt but the driver, 30-year-old Thomas Holland, was arrested for OWI.


  • Tanya

    Geesh people!! I sure hope your child, brother, uncle ect. Doesn’t ever mess up!! Yes Trent had made some bad life choices and wasn’t perfect! Still doesn’t mean he deserved what he got!! If you feel differently, at least be a decent human being and keep it to yourself! He does have siblings, nieces, nephews, a mom and dad and friends who can read your rude comments!!

    • Fred Ver Schuure

      GEESE Tanya You need to get a grip If you are complaining about the comment from sniper LIGHTEN UP!!! if their were others I don’t see them. I don’t see anything bad from what sniper said. as they usually happen accidents don’t happen from one thing usually several things come to a head. NEVER the less, its too bad for this boy and his entire family and friends

    • William

      Children make “bad choices” Tanya, not adult men.

      He had over 50 violations on Iowa courts. It’s a wonder he has never injured someone with his reckless driving. Good riddance.

      • Mike Cee

        Agreed. While it’s too bad for the family, the reality is that society is better off without this guy. At some point he would have injured or killed an innocent person. In this case, this irresponsible thug only managed to take himself out, although he did us a favor and got a drunk driver caught. I wonder how Tanya would feel if his reckless actions would have killed her child/brother/uncle/etc.

        And if he were a relative of mine, I’d feel exactly the same. I have zero sympathy for someone like this no matter who they are.

    • disgusted

      Fred, William, Mike:

      It’s pretty clear that Tanya’s a relative of the victim – can you for once in your miserable lives drop the keyboard commando attitude and show some decency toward a grieving family? Or is that beyond you?

      • Mike Cee

        This is an open discussion about the story. Discussions have two sides. I’m sorry if your feelings are hurt because a few of us choose not to sugar coat this thug or what he did.

        You are certainly permitted to ignore the posts that get your panties in a wad.

    • Darlene Newton

      Regardless of his personal choices he was still a father, son, brother, uncle and friend to many. We need to think of them during this time and not make them pay, for whatever misdeeds, by our callousness and lack of compassion. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those that knew and loved him.

  • Rob Cox

    Go frickin figure. Maybe start treating like murder’s,because again and again it’s just a matter of time.

  • Roy

    He got what he deserved.

    I’m just glad there no innocents were injured over the years by his unsafe driving.

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