Poll Shows Work Ahead if Christie Wants to Win Over Iowans

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Chris Christie Sworn in

POUGHKEEPSIE, New York — A new NBC News-Marist Poll shows possible GOP presidential candidate New Jersey governor Chris Christie has some work to do in Iowa.

It asked Iowans who they’d select if the caucuses were held today. Among registered Republicans responding to the poll Jeb Bush and Rand Paul came in tied for the lead with 12-percent each. Paul Ryan had 11-percent, Rick Santorum had 9-percent, and Chris Christie was fifth with 8-percent of support.

Twenty-percent of the Republicans polled said they were undecided.

Thirty-three percent of Iowa Republicans in the poll also said they had an “unfavorable impression” of Chris Christie.

On the Democratic side, the poll pitted Hillary Clinton against Vice President Joe Biden in a caucus match-up.

Hillary Clinton was the clear winner with 70-percent of support.


  • Justice

    Christie works out for the eastern part of this country. However, he is not a conservative and will never win the nomination for the presidential election. Save your $$$ for the gubernatorial races Chris. I like you just fine and you seem to be a nice guy. But I would not vote for you for president.

  • William Dennison

    I have seen the light. The Republicans are truly the only people who can save this country.

    • William Denison

      The light I see is the light shining thru your ears dummy. You misspelled my last name again. Republicans have and are not only destroying this country, they are destroying the rest of the world. Fact.

    • William Denison

      I’m sorry again y’all. You see I have this compulsory disorder which gives me this overwhelming need to bully people on the internet. My Doctor says it is because of the way I live in fear knowing, if I ever said some of these things in public I’d get punched in the mouth. That and the small wankie. Combined it does a bipolar type of thing where nasty old William comes out and says alot of things I know to be untrue. The meds should kick in soon, I just need to keep rocking my kitty…..

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