Motorcyclist Killed During Police Pursuit, Second Driver Arrested

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa - One person is dead after a motorcycle collided nearly head on with an SUV late Wednesday night.

At about 11 p.m., West Des Moines officers spotted a motorcycle that they thought might be stolen at 4th and Ashworth. It matched the description of a motorcycle stolen two days ago.

The officer turned his vehicle around to get the license number on the bike, but the driver took off at a high rate of speed.

Police say the driver sped down 4th Street without headlights. He turned onto Railroad and was heading west on Railroad when an SUV turned north in front of him.

The driver of the motorcycle, Trent Bennett, was thrown into a yard. Paramedics took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The driver and the passenger in the SUV were not injured. However, the driver of the SUV, Thomas Holland, 30, was arrested for OWI.

Sergeant Ken O’Brien with the West Des Moines Police Department said this pursuit and crash happened very fast.

“From the dispatch logs it was exactly one minute and one second from the time the officer called out this investigation to the time of the crash. So these things play out very, very rapidly,” Sgt. O’Brien said.

O’Brien says at this time they do not have an estimate of just how fast the motorcycle was traveling but he says witnesses told him it was very fast.

The Iowa State Patrol is investigating the incident. O’Brien says the department tries to bring in a second agency when it is involved in an event where a death occurs.


    • Lindsay Utter

      Please be considerate in the fact that someone’s lost there life and they have those out here in whom will read this.

  • Casey Simpson

    “No charges have been filed but Sgt. O’Brien says that could change depending on the outcome of the investigation.”.. Uhh did I miss something? The guy already received the death penalty, what other charge can they add, or who exactly would they possibly charge?

  • Blaster06

    As a younger motorcycle rider I learned some cops get their rocks off chasing motorcycles. As a fellow drinker I really feel sorry for the driver of the SUV

  • Jody B

    Are you kidding me people….. This was a life that was lost. These comments make me sick. This is a person that is a son, brother, father and friend. Do you guys not think before you speak?

    • Amanda

      Kathy, you obviously have no heart. Who cares about his rap sheet. He was a father to a young boy. you must have no kids either. shame on you for saying such bad things. look in the mirror and judge yourself because you aren’t perfect either.

  • Lawrence

    Not a good sign when your posted picture in paper and TV is mugshot with Polk County Jail orange jumpsuit on.

  • uni delouis

    PLEASE ALL OF YOU THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE ANYTHING!!! Trent was a loving friend of mine for 30 plus years! I hope and pray that his family doesn’t see these post. RIP Trent

    • Kathy

      Doesn’t sound like he was a very good, safe driver judging by his rap sheet. Hopefully you never rode with him. If you did, count your lucky stars.

  • renee

    Here you people saying dumb stuff really need to get a life who cares about his rap sheet that doesn’t make him bad people I hope one of your close friends or family members dies I bet you think twice before you post something like that again RIP Trent your still a rider in my book buddy

    • Amanda

      Thank you.. finally someone with some sense. Idc what he did in his past, I’m glad to have met such an awesome friend like Trent.. Don’t judge someone you don’t know ..

    • Mike Cee

      The rap sheet shows that he was consistently a criminal and a menace to society. He decided to run from the police, turned his lights off in the middle of the night, and sped away. His lack of common sense, combined with his multitude of past transgressions pretty well prove that he was nothing more than a career criminal.

      People like that are a drain to those of us who make a positive impact on our communities, and to those of us that have to pay for thug like him with our hard earned tax dollars. There may have been a decent side to him, but his dark side and self-destructive behavior far outweighed it. Perhaps he should have considered his family first before he fled the police. Perhaps he should have thought of his family first before he did any of those things on his rap sheet. Instead, he chose to continue a selfish, self-destructive lifestyle with no regard for others around him. The only saving grace is that he didn’t kill someone else while he was committing his felony.

      And Renee, in case you didn’t notice, you said that you hope that others of us have friends or family members that die. If anyone here should be ashamed of their comments, it’s you who should be ashamed of what you wrote.

      • Amanda

        You need to get real. Everyone makes mistakes, and he made criminal choices in his past but he still didn’t deserve to die. And to your stupid tax money comment, Trent worked a full time job so whenever you’re done. This is absurd..for all you judgmental people..your life must be pretty miserable. How sad..

  • Sue

    Over 50 traffic citations, arrests, etc and he didn’t deserve to die? You can only roll the dice so often and sooner or later it will come up craps, or in Trents case, man vs. large SUV.
    We should all be glad that he didn’t kill any innocent citizens while playing his circus games in motor vehicles.

    • Amanda

      No he did not!! I’m glad you guys are so perfect while you sit there and judge a man who is not even here to defend himself!! Blows my mind. What if he were your son or your husband? Then would you say he deserved to die?? How about the drunk driver that hit him..should he have died???? You people are rude, cold hearted idiots. He has a 7 year old son who will never see his dad again. Do you have a heart at all? Nasty

  • Sue

    His court records speak for him.

    Glad he’s wasn’t my husband or son, I would be broke paying all the traffic fines.

    • Amanda

      And your words speak for what kind of idiotic person you are.. i’m done arguing with you, i can’t deal with stupid people too long..

  • Sue

    Amanda my young, inexperienced girl……the facts are the facts. You need to put on your big girl panties and face the facts and reality of situation

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