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Candidate Won’t Say Yet Whether Undocumented Children Should Come to Iowa

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DES MOINES, Iowa--Staci Appel, the Democratic nominee for Iowa's Third Congressional District, wouldn't say whether some of the tens of thousands of Central American children dumped at the U.S. border should at some point be able to come to Iowa.

The White House estimates 57,000 children have been dropped at the U.S./Mexican border since last October, most from Central American countries like Honduras and Guatemala, where widespread poverty and drug violence plague communities.

Appel expressed empathy for the children involved but said the federal authorities first need to investigate the circumstances of the children. She said, "I'm thinking as a mom it's terrifying for some of the children to be there and be alone." But she added, "We have to work through the processes, the procedures of how it works to find out who they are and why they're here."

Appel will sit down Sunday morning for the first time since she became her party's nominee on Channel 13's "The Insiders".

She weighs in on these topics:

--Why she believes President Obama is so unpopular in the state.

--Why she argues that she is better suited for Congress than her Republican challenger, David Young, Senator Chuck Grassley's former chief of staff.

--Appel also takes the Insiders Quick 6. Among her rapid fire questions she has to answer: whether she is already backing Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, her financial advice to people (she used to be a financial consultant) and the best skill being a mother to six has taught her.

See Appel on Channel 13's The Insiders with Dave Price here. 


  • Justice

    Why won’t she comment? Probably because she thinks they should be allowed. Why is it that dems are afraid to comment on hot topics?

  • Right Wing Patriot

    Thats what you call a dodge. if she comes out in support (which I bet she does) , she’s toast.

  • Dan

    I do notice how the word “immigrant” isn’t in the story. I want to know how children come 1200 to 1800 miles across a desert etc and still look clean and fit? I want to know how they pay $ 7,000 to the coyotes to bring them. And it does not surprise me that a democrat can’t say what they really mean or want.

  • Next

    ‘Sorry, I don’t answer to the little people – just give me the power, and my elite friends in Washington will tell me what’s right, and that’s what I’ll do’

    Between the lines, that’s what she just said

  • Russ Sandquist

    She answered the question 4 times, it’s when she was asked to get out of her coached talking points she had nothing else to say.

  • William Denison

    Why are we wasting time on this? What I really want is weed, and the government should pay for it. Trade them for the weed.

  • bubba louie

    Typical politician. Dodging the question so she can get the most votes she can. Democrat trash.

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