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Rick Perry Brings Crowd to Its Feet in Iowa

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ALGONA, Iowa–Texas Governor Rick Perry may have found a way back into the presidential conversation: immigration. Perry returned to Iowa Saturday for a two-day stop.

His visit comes after Perry met with President Barack Obama in Texas, giving Perry a prominent place in national discussions about what the United States should do with tens of thousands of children from Central America who were left on the border. 

Perry keynoted an afternoon dinner for the North Iowa conservatives in Algona.

Here is part of his speech as posted to YouTube by the Daily Iowan.

Two Iowa Republican elected officials raved about Perry’s performance, where he discussed the failure of the administration to secure the border better.

Sunday, Perry heads to Clear Lake for the Cerro Gordo GOP barbecue fundraiser.  

Here is Perry’s appearance on Channel 13’s “The Insiders” during a previous trip last November.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    Gov Perry is getting traction on the boarder calamity. He is showing strong leadership where the current occupant of the White House is too busy adjusting his apron. Also, with his (Perry) ability to raise truck loads of money, he could be a formitable candidate.

      • Right Wing Patriot

        I agree Hillarry will be tough but i doubt she will stomp anyone flat. She has a TON of baggage, Lastly, I ask my Democrat friends if they can name two positive things she did as Secreatry of State and they can’t answer the question.

  • Dan

    He needs to lose the glasses. As far as Perry for President, nope. We need to rid ourselves of Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, McConnell, Hillary, Christie etc. Sad to say but we need another Reagon. We need a commander in Chief, not a commander in sneak. We need to end this touchey feeley stuff. When our President speaks, he should lead congress, etc. The world needs to worry about what our President says, instead of snicker when he’s said it. Quit playing the blame game and get something done. Not just fundraising.

  • Give me your Tired your Poor

    Crowd to their feet? Where were they off to…. headed for the Dairy Queen for a Blizzard?

  • Sue

    Seriously, our country and state cannot afford the American freeloaders we currently have bankrupting our government.

    How can we possible let more into our country? Where will the money come from?

  • jellibean

    I didn’t like him the last time he ran, due to some of his views. BUT… if he can follow through with his views on the border, he will most definately have my vote! We can’t afford to feed our own, why on earth should we feed theirs? Come here the right way, pay taxes, support the country or stay where you are.

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