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Jasper Co. Authorities Make Double Marijuana Arrest

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2_mug_Hunter_Daniel_CherylKELLOGG, Iowa – Two people in Jasper County have been arresred for allegedly growing marijuana at their home.

The Mid-Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force executed a search warrant at about 7 p.m. Wednesday in Kellogg. They arrested Cheryl Hunter, 54, and Daniel Hunter, 56.

Both are charged with possession with intent to manufacture marijuana, possession of more than 42 grams of marijuana or marijuana plants and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both were booked into the Jasper County Jail.


  • BrutallyHonest

    Thank goodness these criminals are off the street, i feel much safer now. HAHA, what a joke. Waste some tax payer money to hold them in jail over weed, but yet you get caught drunk driving and you only stay 8 hours in jail. There is far worse crime that needs to be address other than someone growing some pot in their home. Growing pot in your home poses no danger to me or anyone else.

    • Listen up

      I know right…. hey while we’re at it, let’s stop busting all of those meth labs too…. I mean come on, they’re just making it in their own home and not bothering anyone…. am I right?

      • Andy C

        Methamphetamine and marijuana are completely different things, one is a dangerous drug, one is a herb. What is wrong with you?

      • Sandydog5

        I think you’d be better off treating addiction as a medical condition rather then criminal. Cannabis WILL be LEGAL across the land. Where I live this hasn’t be in crime for over 15 years. I really hope you feel safer.

      • Robin A. Hull

        “Listen Up”, NO idea what makes you think Meth and Pot are the same. Although I no longer use, I do still remember. Meth and Pot are total opposites. Given their age, I surmise these folks were most likely growing for the purpose of their health.
        As I’ve said many times before, I’m all for the drug tack force. But….for Pot?…I’m hoping that Iowa and all States eventually pass Medicinal Marijuana Law, at the very least.

      • Janice

        No actually you are wrong. Meth labs expel dangerous toxic fumes into the air and they can explode putting MANY people in danger. Comparing the 2 substances is ignorant.

  • Seriously

    Are you FREAKIN kidding me!? Oh these horrible, horrible people – to grow a plant in their home. Jeez, you think they had murdered someone. Do us all a favor, legalize it and stop wasting our tax payer dollars. Go after REAL criminals who actually cause HARM to another person! What a joke.

  • William Denison

    Hillbillies arresting hillbillies. Its a never ending cycle for the good of a corrupt police force that profits from these kinds of simple arrests. The court system in Iowa cashes in on these arrest as well. That’s why Terry Branstad and his gang of cronies won’t pass any real meaningful Med cannabis laws. It all about funds being taken in to pay out others in hush money.

  • Mike Cee

    Outstanding. One less source for dope smokers and two thugs off the street.

    I can’t imagine why these idiots want a mind altering drug-unless it’s because the limited mind that they have needs altered.

    • gimmieabreak

      can you be more specific with your identity so I don’t have to guess which Mike Cee you are.
      …I ‘d like to open a new credit card account.
      no other drug is more mind altering, more damaging and more dangerous than alcohol.

      • BrutallyHonest

        Agreed! And nearly every single person against pot is 100% ok with alcohol. Makes no sense to me. Alcohol is certainly more dangerous and causes more deaths.

    • Jeff Johnson

      One thing I’ve always noticed. The prohibitionists have MUCH smaller minds than pot smokers. That’s WHY the prohibitionists are so darned afraid of marijuana! They REALLY THINK that marijuana smoke is from ‘the devil’ and is gonna turn a person into a raving lunatic! The ‘little brains’ are the ones I truly feel sorry for. They are so much more interested in making sure everyone around them knows that they do not approve of the deadly deadly marijuana that they make themselves look like frightened and scared little children afraid of their own shadow. And somehow, they THINK they look ‘intelligent’. LOL! Keep up the good work Prohibby! The more you speak, the more we can see your illogical fear! Scared little mouse. Frightened of a little plant.

    • Laura Simmons

      Perhaps they have health problems and need it to treat their illnesses. The cops need to go after real criminals and leave people like this couple alone.

      • Jeff Johnson

        No, no. It’s clear that these two are ‘thugs’. I mean, just ask Mike Cee, he knows a thug when he sees a thug. Because he has so much experience with people who use marijuana, he can immediately tell when a person is a ‘thug’ or not! Mike Cee, protector of the children! Punisher of the ‘thugs’! LOL!

    • Jeff Johnson

      THUGS! LOL!

      I’m guessing these folks look just like you! ROFLMAO!

      Gotta love the way that prohibitionists have little ‘pet words’ that they use for people who smoke marijuana. No matter how much they smoke or don’t smoke, the prohibitionists like to use slurs (probably the same way their parents did when talking about black people back in the day). Pot smokers are either ‘potheads’ or ‘dopers’ or ‘stoners’. Of course, they all look (and talk) like Cheech and Chong, and they’re all lazy, and have the munchies! LOL!

      No offense man, but you’re just showing your stupidity stripes! Lemme guess, over 60, republican, ‘god fearin’? Yup, those are the types of people who are afraid of plants!

    • Sandydog5

      Perhaps it gives them some quality in their life, perhaps they help others with medicine. I invite you to search and read Granny Storm Crow’s list and learn about the benefits of cannabis.

    • No More Tea Bags

      You answered your own question, Delbert. People like you. When medicated, a person can ignore a mindless mor0n, such as yourself. Otherwise they might feel like smacking someone, such as yourself. Betcha you’re a climate change denier, also. It’s called science… LEARN IT!

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    “42 grams of marijuana”- the Mid-Iowa Narco Task Force rides err raids again….I invite the Hunters to Colorado, as a state registered medical marijuana patient,I can purchase 2 ounces, 56 grams per day. Right across the street, or grow my own.

  • Jay Berkshire

    But it is so hard to catch the real drug offenders. Besides we are not really very competent so we go after old people and cancer patients.

    • Karma

      They aren’t cancer patients! They are idiots!! Them and their kids use drugs! They are complete losers!!!! When they don’t work and pay for everything selling pot, there is a problem!! Quit thinking it is ok for every single person to smoke pot!! These people are complete losers and got what they had coming to them!!!

      • No More Tea Bags

        And it just so happens YOU seem to know these people personally… I seriously doubt it. I’ve seen a lot of your posts. In many of them you seem to conveniently insinuate, or come right out and say know the people, or “others” involved. You sure get around. Why do you know so many malcontents?

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Meanwhile, the tax payers of Iowa are being forced to subsidize the production, promotion and sale of alcohol, and the costs of alcohol abuse as well. In fact the state of Iowa is so pro-alcohol they even allow dangerously impaired drivers on the road.

  • Ellen

    It was only a matter of time before everything caught up to them! They are a family of winners!!! Including their kids!! These people are worthless and got caught! It doesn’t matter if it is legal in other states, it’s not here!!! The law is the law, if you don’t like it, go where it is legal!!!! I am happy they got caught!!!! Nice way to make a living!!

    • Crissie Brunt

      Oh Ellen. You must be perfect, How nice :) Can’t wait until it IS legal here. Maybe some of you perfect folk will be able to come down a few notches and join us in this little thing I like to call the real world.

    • Janice

      I know them. They have always treated me very well. In fact, they treated me like a regular person because they are regular people. I have known many ‘losers’ in my life that would not share
      the same verbiage towards others that you do. Someone needs to punch the nastiness out of your mouth, Ellen. Are you upset that their ‘job’ wasn’t pulling in tax dollars for.. You? Have them or their children caused harm, or ever even tried to cause harm, to you or yours? I doubt it. Get a life filled with less ignorance and entitlement.

  • legal 420 Patient

    Please cast your vote in November for Jack Hatch for governor. He wants to “legalize” marijuana.

  • William Denison

    Free weed ya’ll! The government should ignore the laws they are sworn to uphold if we potheads deem it so! There is precedent- we already selectively enforce immigration and healthcare legislation. Obama should make it law that we get a free package of weed in the mail every day to continue the Democart rule!
    And keep opraying for kitty, he’s looking better!

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