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Seth Techel Convicted of Killing Wife

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Standing trial for a third time, Seth Techel has been convicted of first-degree murder and nonconsensual termination of a pregnancy.

Techel was on trial accused of shooting and killing his pregnant wife, Lisa, at their home in Agency in May 2012. Lisa was 17 weeks pregnant with the couple's first child.

Prosecutors claim Techel, then 23, killed his wife in order to continue an affair with another woman. Techel’s defense says a troubled neighbor, who has since died, could have been the killer.

Two previous trials have already been held and in both cases the juries were unable to reach a verdict. They were declared mistrials.

The jury began deliberating Wednesday afternoon following closing statements.

Techel faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility for parole.


  • Josh Bethune

    Best news ever today. This made my day as I am sure made Lisa’s parents day and life much better. He is finally going where he belongs prison for life. Justice has been well served and finally the monster is going away to prison. Finally justice for Lisa and baby Zoey both innocent people who’s lives were taken by that monster Seth Techel.

  • Dan

    Finally a jury got it right…. ??? What does that mean exactly? I sure hope he did it, because this doesn’t really pass the sniff test.
    I think it was Ben Franklin that said: it is better to let 100 guilty men go than to convict an innocent man. 3 times and they finally got it right. Reminds me of an old western where they lynch the guy only to find out maybe he really didn’t do it.
    Probably isn’t over yet, this screams appeal. I’m not on his side but gee, do we get fair trials anymore or is it just decided before hand? 3 times whewwwwwww

    • Bob

      Dan, I hope he did it too, because I don’t think an innocent man could survive 3 1st degree murder trials, driven by the establishment seeking vengeance for one of their own.

      What bothers me in many of the comments is the idea that 2 out of the 3 juries ‘got it wrong’ – how could anyone possibly know that? Guilty or innocent, it’s exactly the kind of thinking that puts innocent people in prison, it DOES happen, whether or not it happened here

  • Justice

    2 of the 3 juries did not say he was innocent. They just couldn’t decide. It probably was 1 person on those first 2 juries that held out. Only 1 jury was decisive.

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