Undercover Cop Pulls Over ISU Solar Car

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isu prism solar carLA CROSSE, Wisconsin – Iowa State University’s solar car team got quite a surprise as they raced across the border into Wisconsin.

The solar car was pulled over by police Sunday during the American Solar Challenge.

Team Prisum says it was on a rural highway going about 35 miles per hour in a 55. Cars started to line up behind the team. One of the drivers stuck behind them was an undercover police officer.

The officer stopped the team to make sure the solar car is street legal, which it is.

Logan Scott with the team says state authorities are usually notified the race is going on.

Despite the delay, Team Prisum was third to arrive in La Crosse.

The team sets out Monday morning for Minneapolis, the final stop of the American Solar Challenge. They started in Austin, Texas.


    • No More Tea Bags

      And what does that have to do with a licensed solar-electric car and this story? You might as well as said, “Cream cheese makes you fat and you shouldn’t swim for 30 min after eating it”.
      Holy cow…(head shaking).

  • Michael Hickman

    But it’s OK if police officers drive the speed below the posted minimum speed (40mph), and hold traffic up on the Interstate. I have been held up behind such an officer more than once driving from Altoona to downtown Des Moines,, in the morning “rush hour”. It’s always been an unmarked State Trooper. One day I decided to pass him,, and I was doing 75mph to pass him and return to my left exit lane in time to safely maneuver the 80/235 East mixer,, and received a speeding ticket.

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