Branstad Plans More Veteran Assistance, Doesn’t Go Into Details

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Gov. Terry Branstad says he's working on more ways to help veterans, but he isn't ready to talk about them yet.

Branstad held a campaign event Tuesday morning with several dozen veterans. He praised their work ethic and talked of the success of his Home Base Iowa program.

It helps provide job, education, and licensing assistance to convince veterans to live in Iowa following their military service.

“We want them to know there are good jobs available in Iowa and we want to facilitate the transition from the military to civilian life,” says Branstad.

The governor says he plans to provide more ideas in the next several months so lawmakers can work on them in next year's legislative session.


  • William Denison

    As a disabled veteran myself I find what Terry Branstad is doing only proves he will stoop to any level for a vote. To act as if he really cares about his fellow vets in Iowa is a insult to me and many others I’ve talk to. To wait to the last few months of his term to become start offering help to vets is a joke. If any of you think I’m just being hard on the guy don’t think for a minute that politicians don’t lie to, cheat and steal from vets. Here’s proof . A story about republican EX LT Gov from Florida.
    Ms. Carroll was interviewed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Investigators questioned her about her former association with Allied Veterans of the World, a Florida nonprofit that operates dozens of Internet “sweepstakes” cafes in the state. Ms. Carroll once co-owned a public relations company that represented Allied Veterans, although her firm stopped conducting business after she became lieutenant governor.

    Ms. Carroll, a former Navy lieutenant commander, has not been charged with a crime and it is unclear whether she is being investigated.

    Sweepstakes cafes operate in a legal gray zone, allowing customers to buy Internet or phone cards that allow them to play games that resemble slots or video poker. They have been called “convenience casinos.”

    Pam Bondi, the Florida attorney general, announced Wednesday that law enforcement officials had issued nearly 60 arrest warrants for people in Florida and several other states on charges of racketeering, illegal gambling and money laundering, among others.

    Operating under the guise of a charitable organization for veterans, Allied Veterans of the World leaders were running a $300-million illegal gambling scheme, Ms. Bondi said at a news conference. The company lied about how much of the proceeds from these cafes were donated to charities affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The company grossed $290 million, an affidavit said, but donated only $6 million.

  • William Denison

    Its funny how Branstad waits until he has just a few months left in his term to roll out the welcome wagon to vets. He laid off workers at the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown during his first time in office. The vets at the home became so unhappy with the contracted replacement workers they threated to have a revolt. The contracted workers were fired later and replaced with the laid off workers and others full time help. Just more smoke and mirrors from a sad little corrupt greed monger. Before any of you judge me for my comment I know I had family who lost their jobs there and I am a disabled vet myself who stays informed on what goes on there at the IVH.

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