Flooding Cleanup Underway at Ledges State Park

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BOONE, Iowa -- Clean up began Tuesday to reopen one of Iowa’s most popular parks.

The DNR closed the Lower Canyon Road at Ledges State Park last month due to flooding.

The morning started out with a small crew but more workers came to help out from other state parks around the region.

Crews are scooping lots of silt and hauling it to dump at a nearby site.

The park had 25 feet or so of water on the Lower Canyon Road exit area right along the river.

Flooding meant the popular canyon road has been closed this summer to vehicles but not hikers.

"The canyon was usable by foot traffic, people were welcome to hike into there the whole time it was flooded even after the waters have receded,” Ledges State Park manager Andy Bartlett said.

“We have the road way cleared right now it just needs a good brooming.”

Crews hope to have the canyon road open later Tuesday or tomorrow.


  • Troy Hendrickson

    Yep, annual occurence, directly the fault of the Army Corp’s mismanagement of Saylorville according to political influences instead of common sense. Gotta keep wealthy developers and banks happy ya know.

    Now the article should cover how the feds actually hold up the work with permit procedures etc. The cost to Iowans should be noted as well.

  • Joel

    I just went to Ledges on Sunday afternoon and walked throughout the lower part of the park and the Lower Canyon and there was no debris or mud whatsoever! I’d sure like to know what exactly it is that they will be cleaning up because this “story” is a farce!

    • Troy Hendrickson

      You can see all the silt they scraped out of the crossings piled up by the crossings and there’s a brand new dump pile of sludge off lower canyon road that came out of the park and lots. They actually did a pretty good job, since it also opened yesterday.

  • Boyd

    Goodness, Troy H. must have connections at WHO, because if one writes a post in reply to him that is unfavorable, it does not get published. Beware, all hallow is T.H.!

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