Headphones That Guide You Through Your Workout

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We asked fitness expert Irene McCormick to test the FX-Sport programmable headphones and give us her review.

“Once you charge it, you interface it with your computer and then there’s a ton of workouts,” she explains, “then it takes you through a voice-guided workout.”

The library is huge, with everything from strength training and running to specific sports like swimming and tennis.  We asked Irene to lay out the pros and cons. Here is her summary:


The music library is huge and the sound quality is fantastic.

The instruction is great, with good cues and lots of motivation.

The workouts are incredible and there is virtually no limit to number of them since you can use pre-programmed sessions or create your own.


The workouts take a long time to download – in Irene’s experience, nearly two hours for one 25 minute session. And her computer crashed twice during the process.

She also had trouble figuring out how to put the headphones on – her husband had to help her!

Most people are visual learners and this gadget offers only verbal cues.  There’s also a bit of a learning curve with regard to terminology since the headphones were created in the United Kingdom.

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a fitness tool to help you power through new workouts the FX-Sport might be worth trying.


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