Harkin, Braley Urge Minimum Wage Rise

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harkin braleyNORWALK, Iowa — Two Iowa democrats are campaigning to raise the minimum wage.

Senator Tom Harkin and Congressman Bruce Braley visited a meat packing plant in Norwalk on Sunday.

Braley is running for Harkin’s Senate seat this fall. The two have both fought to increase the minimum wage to $10.10.

They think it would help lift thousands of Iowans out of poverty.

The minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour. Iowans making that and working 40 hours per week make $15,000 per year.

Congressman Braley says a low minimum wage has slowed down the economy.

“300,000 Iowans would see their wages increased if we raised the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and restored its purchasing power. They’ve been the ones losing the ability to pay for things because the minimum wage has not kept up with the cost of living,” Rep. Braley said.

According to a Des Moines Register poll, 65-percent of Iowans believe the minimum wage should be increased.


  • Dan

    Only $ 2.85 an hour. Thats only a measely $ 114.00 more a week for your greedy employer to pay you. If they have 20 employee’s it’s a mere $ 2,280.00 a week more. So to compensate, fire five employee’s and it won’t change a thing. They make the others work harder to make up for the five not there anymore and wooo hooo, all fixed up. But wait, they all just lost their food stamps, their tax credits, and their rent is going to go up. Prices at the stores will go up 20 to 40 percent to take the edge off. No problem, groceries are cheap enough, gas is too. Where’s the down side to this?

  • Mike Cee

    Typical liberal politicians. They prefer to make minimum wage a way of life rather than make minimum wage something to rise above.

    There are a lot of jobs available that pay well above minimum wage. People simply need to get off their butts and go after them. Or they can continue flipping burgers or sacking groceries and hope that a politician votes to give you a raise.

  • Tom

    know the fastest way to make wages rise naturally?

    simple – slow the flood of immigration, which neither of these guys will do

    go to NumbersUsa dot com

    • noraeng

      Tom you are exactly right. The very same people that want min. wage hikes also want to keep the flow of illegals (undocumented democrats) coming into the country. Harken and Braley are just a couple of race baiter poverty pimps. Notice Braley’s lovely pink shirt lol.

      • Sally

        Shades of pink are hot colors on many men, if you didn’t know. By the way, Braley is not wearing pink. This is in the “peach” family. He wears this color very nicely!

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