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15-year-old Assaulted, Victim of “Knockout Game”

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GRINNELL, Iowa – Police in Grinnell are investigating an attack on a teenager and the victim said it is part of the "knockout game".

The 15-year-old victim said she was assault Monday afternoon while walking to the store along a trail. The victim said the two women punched her in the face and then fled.

That is similar to past incidents of the "knockout game" in other states where victims are picked at random and assaulted.

The victim did not know the two women and was only able to give a vague description to police.

She was treated at the hospital for minor injuries.


  • Joe Droppert

    someday, these idiots will try this on a karate or judo instructor, then they will be crying assault themselves…

  • Earl

    The description might’ve been vague, but it would be better than none at all. All we heard was that there were two women who were older than the victim.

  • D. Johnson

    This country is too lenient on Blacks and its turning into a zoo where animals are free to attack and locked up, feed, bathed and freed.

    • Amanda

      As opposed to decades ago when animals were free to attack human beings who looked different than them and faced no consequences at all. Or were “those kind” not animals in your eyes?

  • George Wells

    This game seems to be dominated by Blacks and the victims seem to be dominated as Whites. Why no reference to the race of the perps? Media complicity with the open season on Whites? Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.

    • poophead

      You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! White genocide is coming. That’s why they are trying to disarm law abiding citizens(i.e. whites) and say NOTHING to disarm criminals (i.e. blacks). Did you ever notice? Patrick Henry says “Give ME liberty or give ME death!” whereas the New Black Panther’s insignia says “Freedom or Death” meaning YOU(whites) give US(blacks) freedom or YOU(whites) WILL DIE! Or how about this one. No justice, no peace! Meaning you whites give us what We(blacks) think is right(i.e. perversion) or we(blacks) will kill(you whites). Am I telling the truth or what? You better believe there’s going to be genocide on whites. I thank God I’m not gonna be here. Titus 2:13.

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