Howard Stern Had ‘Private Parts’. Iowan Considers ‘Family Jewels’

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DES MOINES, Iowa--"Family Jewels." That's the name former U.S. Ambassador Mary Kramer, a Des Moines Republican, is considering for her new book. Although, she worries, "The connotation for that sometimes seems kind of odd."

Shock jock Howard Stern once wrote a book called "Private Parts."

For Kramer, "Family Jewels" could be fitting, despite her reservations that title may make readers think instead about a nickname for a part of the male anatomy. Kramer said her husband of 56 years, Kay, gives her jewelry frequently. "My husband is generous with gems," Kramer said.

She then passes down the older jewelry to family members. Those gems also serve as a metaphor, Kramer says, of the wisdom she shares with the younger generations.

Kramer laments how seldom women served in leadership positions when she was a young woman starting out. So she hopes her book, full of her own gems, can inspire women to succeed in business and politics.

Kramer served as Iowa's first female Republican senate president and later became ambassador to Barbados.

She is writing her book with her daughter and granddaughter. They hope to release the book to the public on Mother's Day, 2015.

Watch Kramer share her gems plus decide whether "Family Jewels" would make a good title for her new book. And if you don't like the title, suggest your own.


  • Joe P.

    This Republican brags about her family jewels at the same time so many other working class Iowans struggle to make ends meet. How thoughtless can people be? I’m sure she’s against any kind of minimum wage increase as is the rest of the Republican party also.

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