Urbandale Construction Impacting Area Businesses, Expected to Finish in September

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URBANDALE, Iowa - Construction along a busy road in Urbandale is wrapping up its first phase this week, and the city says expect the project to last another month.

The construction project to repair and update the traffic stops and intersections around N.W. Urbandale Drive and Meredith Drive began in the spring, according to city officials. Southbound traffic has been closed off for the first phase of construction, and is expected to wrap up by Wednesday or Thursday. The city will then block off northbound traffic for the second phase, which officials predict will end in early September.

While none agreed to speak on-camera, several area businesses said the construction woes have negatively affected their businesses, as less traffic is choosing to come through the usually-busy area. On top of that, construction workers accidentally struck a power line early Tuesday morning in the area, causing these businesses to completely lose power and subsequently block off their entryways for about an hour, as they could not serve customers.

These businesses said the struck power line is the second in two weeks and that the city originally told them the project would be completed by now. However, City Manager A.J. Johnson said the construction project was always anticipated to last until the early fall.

"We're pleased with the progress with the work so far, we recognize that there's a significant amount of traffic, and with retail operations that are there, but again, sometimes that's unavoidable when you're going to do the type of re-construction that we've done up in that area," said Johnson. "We just ask for everyone's continued patience."

According to Johnson, the city does all it can to work with nearby businesses ahead of time when planning large construction projects. For updates on current construction projects in Urbandale, click here.