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Valley Stadium to See Security Upgrades This Season in West Des Moines

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa - West Des Moines Community Schools want students and families to feel safe and secure when attending a sporting event at Valley Stadium, and that's why new security procedures will launch this Thursday for Valley High School's first football scrimmage game, the Dial Bowl.

The new security procedures are as follows:

  • No more drop-offs of elementary students; all elementary students must be accompanied by a parent,
  • Junior high and high school students may only attend on their own with a valid student ID,
  • All bags, including purses and backpacks, will be checked upon entry into the stadium through new bag-check lines,
  • No loitering behind stands will be allowed,
  • And no balls will be allowed into the stadium.

Valley High School Activities Director Brad Rose said the procedures follow security trends across the nation. The idea is to create a safer environment for patrons who attend events at Valley Stadium while producing an image that the facility is "family-friendly".

"The security upgrade of checking the bags is sort of becoming - if you go to an I-Cubs game, they go to the state tournament - that's the way the industry is doing things," said Rose. "It helps us promote our event as a safe environment."

These procedures will begin to be enforced on Thursday, August 21, for the Dial Bowl at Valley Stadium.