Guilty Verdict in Fort Dodge Murder Case

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FORT DODGE, Iowa — A Webster County jury has found a man guilty of first degree murder.

Twenty-eight-year-old Derrick McElroy will be sentenced next month for the shooting death of 19-year-old Brandyn Preston in May of 2011.

Preston was shot in the neck while attending a bonfire in Fort Dodge. He was initially paralyzed from the shoulders down but months after the incident he died from his injuries.

A first degree murder conviction in Iowa carries a mandatory life sentence.


  • Will

    Good work, Jury! Fort Dodge has a rising violent crime trend. Hopefully, this verdict will send a message to the gangstas.

    • mulo

      Good job!! Not by far our justice System is soo corrupt There best witness was Not even used the crooked cop was Fired for corruption.and to add insult to injury probably wasn’t even judge Properly jury of his peers..probably tobacco chewing country hicks

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