Teen Pleads Not Guilty in Murder of 97-Year-Old Man

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Ngor Makuey is charged with the first degree murder of Rupert Anderson. (WHO-HD)

Ngor Makuey is charged with the first degree murder of Rupert Anderson. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The 19-year-old accused of killing a 97-year-old man entered his pleas of not guilty to a variety of charges in court Wednesday.

Ngor Makuey of Des Moines is charged with first degree murder in Rupert “Andy” Anderson’s death. Police found Andy and his wife Harriet beaten inside their home at 4400 East 46th Street in early July. Andy died at the hospital but Harriet survived.

Makuey also faces charges of attempted murder, 1st degree robbery, and 1st degree burglary.

A Polk County Judge told the Makuey that his bond was pretty high and he would probably not be able to be released from jail.  A pre-trial  hearing was set for September 18th. His first degree murder jury trial is scheduled for October 15th at the Polk County Courthouse.


  • Justice

    Not Guilty…Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Didn’t we already hear this from his mommy and daddy??? He’s never done anything wrong!!!

    • Mike Cee

      Yes, we heard it from mommy and daddy. We’ll also get to pay for this guy’s defense, as well as his multiple appeals once he is convicted. And since we don’t have a death penalty, we’ll get to pay for his food, housing, medical bills and entertainment for the rest of his miserable, unproductive excuse for a life.

  • Tom

    At 97 years old, unlucky Rupert was introduced to The Diversity.
    I wonder what the fate of older white people will be as generation X and Y reaches their 80s and 90s, and whites are fewer and blacks much more abundant. Older whites may have to refuse sedating medications so that they can be alert enough to wield a shotgun in their homes. In the mean time, refugee organizations will keep bringing Ethiopians and other Africans who will unquestionably speed the thinning the herd of the Greatest Generation.

    Older people are our national jewels. Anyone who kills any person over 70 years old should be subject to an hour of brutal torture for each year that their victim was above that age, before they are subjected to a slow hanging. If our natural reverence for elders isn’t naturally present in immigrants, it should be enforced. Just think, to live 97 years and meet your end so violently at the hands of that low animal. It’s an inconceivable nightmare, and the punishment should be much harsher than normal.

    • IAgrappler

      Can you believe the wife survived and now has to endure this pain on a daily basis? My God, my heart is heavy just reading the story. This “teen” has no remorse or guilt, look at his face. Then mufassa’s parents on t.v. claim how he’s a good boy. Way to go Des Moines!! Who’s pushing this agenda of immigrating 100’s of Africans?? Your city will be a slum like Minneapolis enriched with it’s diversity. Does Iowa having a growing population trying to be the next midwest California? Take the place of screwed up Wisconsin? Wake up!! Wake up!!! Iowa can still be salvaged right now, but not if Iowa keeps importing the cockroaches.

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