AGRIBUSINESS: Farm Progress Show Preparations In Process

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Rain in mid-August didn't stop preparations for the Farm Progress Show in Boone, the 4th time it's been there since 2008. More than 600 exhibitors will have displays for farmers.

Farm Progress Events Manager Mat Jungmann says this year every inch of the exhibit field is full, they had to annex some extra ground to fit in about 40 exhibitors.
Much of the equipment at the event has only been shown to dealers up till now. Jungmann says a lot of rollouts will happen at the show.
"This is the big show for row crop agriculture. This is where your John Deere, Case IH and the technology companies like DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, they unveil their big products. They put on their corporate show here. So, not only are they showing off for the farmers, who's the primary target, it's a trade show for people who are in the business of agriculture to come and look at what's new in their industry."

Jungmann says, in Iowa, it doesn't take a lot of searching for someone to find a connection to agriculture.
"Somewhere, somebody's grandfather farmed, somebody's uncle farmed. Just to come out and see how agriculture is doing, maybe what they remember. You know, if you're not actually involved in the production of food everybody eats every day so you're somewhat involved in the agriculture production so it's interesting to see the technology and the tools these guys are using to protect the land, protect the soil and still make a living for their family."