Peggy’s Tavern Reopens, Uncertain Road Ahead

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A popular Drake area bar re-opened Wednesday night after its liquor license holder filed an appeal and by law, that’s why Peggy’s Tavern can remain open.

Mark Graziano, the bar’s owner, filed an appeal to renew Peggy’s Liquor license after the city denied the request last month. The city based its decision on the bar's failed compliance checks and Graziano's checkered past. Graizano is facing several federal charges including illegal possession of a prescription drug, tax evasion and wire fraud.

Graziano's laywer says by an October hearing with Iowa’s Alcoholic Beverages Division the public could know the fate of Peggy’s but they are planning for the worst possible outcome.

“There is the possibility that the decision will be adverse but I don`t expect it to be. We would then have the opportunity to appeal in district court and we could ask for a stay (to keep the open) until the district court decides,” says Guy Cook.

The hearing is October 15th .