Seth Techel Seeking New Murder Trial

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A fourth trial could be coming for convicted murderer Seth Techel.

Techel was found guilty July 24th of first degree murder and nonconsensual termination of a pregnancy for the death of his pregnant wife Lisa. Online court records show a request for a new trial was filed August 19th.

The guilty verdict came in Techel’s third murder trial. Two previous juries had been unable to reach a decision, causing mistrials.

Officials say Techel shot his wife Lisa to death at their Agency home in May of 2012.


  • Josh Bethune

    No he does not deserve another trial. I think we all know he is guilty. Lock him up like you are supposed to. Off to prison. Society has no place for baby killers and wife killers.

  • Justice

    How many trials does a person get? If he can afford his own lawyer then so be it. However, why should it be the burden of the taxpayers to pay for this guy’s lawyers year after year and trial after trial?

  • POET

    I agree totally, now many tries does one get for this or any other crime. I’m not one to say he did or did not do it, but c’mon, enough is enough already.

  • Sue

    doesn’t there have to be a reason for a new trial? they did the second and third because of the hung jury. For him to get a new trial, doesn’t here have to be new evidence, or he has to be able to show he didn’t get a fair trial for some reason? I think it was probably very hard to find a totally unbiased jury by the third trial.

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