Vicious Pitbull Gets Second Chance At Life? City Council and Dog Trainer To Decide

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – A vicious dog sentenced to death nine months ago, may be getting a second chance at life. On Monday, the West Des Moines City Council will vote to decide what to do with the pitbull formerly known as Killer. Killer now goes by the name of “Jimmy” under his new owner.

The dog was involved in three biting incidents dating back to November 2013. Over the course of nine months, the city and the owner have come up with a settlement agreement. Council members say the council will likely vote in favor to put the agreement in place.

The agreement outlines the dog must be evaluated by a trainer in Runnels at the Rover’s Ranch Dog Park and Training Center. The city would then follow the trainer’s recommendation as to whether the dog is vicious and should be put down. City councilman, Jim Sandager, says the settlement is fair and has the issue of safety in mind.

“I would never forgive myself if this dog has been released and attacks a young child, I would never forgive myself. We, the council, believe this is an appropriate action for both the dog and for the public safety.”

If the city council approves the settlement, the dog’s owner must drop all lawsuits against the city.


    • Mary

      Agreed. Why consult a dog trainer? They are always going to say they can FIX IT. They get paid to say that. City council has a moral and legal responsibility to PROTECT the public first and if this dog living in the city or out of the area attacks the city will be liable. Put KILLER down before Jimmy the Killer kills again.

  • Joe Droppert

    If they let the dog live, let everyone responsible sign an agreement that it harms another person, each and everyone of those people are responsible for any damage, or worse, loss of a youngsters life. Financial and all no questions asked or appeals accepted

  • Randy Graven

    What a crock. If a dog attacks a human without good reason, no matter what breed it is, it should be put down.

  • Harve Morgan

    Rub salt into the wounds of those this pit attacked. What is the problem? The pit has attacked three people, it has earned the infamous dirt nap. Pits has passed three temperament tests and go on to attack when adopted. Don’t give this one another chance, the next one will be a kill.

  • nancy

    Unbelievable n people r insane n this is y people r against pits n their owners no common sense they r sick n this breed needs to go look at case in Arizona they saved that demon pit Mickey after it mauled a child that child nearly died n has to have numerous surgeries at three years old n dirtbag judge let it live in sanctuary these people r evil as their dogs are

  • Julie Eyrich Wall

    I do have an expectation of animal control, animal shelters, rescues to rehome animals that are not aggressive towards people, cats and dogs or am I just being silly? I watched some videos on pit attacks. If pit type dog gets away from the owner to attack, there is almost nothing that can be done stop it from harming a person or animals. Because pits have ‘Gameness’– is the willingness to continue and persevere in any activity, whether fighting, hunting, herding, pulling a cart, or defending its owner, while being put through great stress and/or intense pain until he has won or until death. You are compromising the safety of our beloved cats and dogs and I consider that discrimination by disregarding their safety by adopting out a pit type dog that are aggressive towards cats and dog. Everyone that watched this dog attack is scarred and devastated for life. I watched 20 second of it and I’m devastated. The attack is at the last 20 seconds of this video. This video is not a rehomed pit but shows how hard it is to stop a pit attack: PS: this pit was given back to its owner after it killed a beloved dog.

  • sosfdavido

    I’m willing to be the “trainer” will find the dog not vicious, just in need of six months of training at $3000 a month, at his facility. TLP will sing Kumbaya Pit Bull until the money is raised.

  • Adam

    So when the dog attacks again I guess the city is ready for the giant lawsuit they will face since they allowed this dog to live to attack again? What’s the going rate on a child’s life, a few million?

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