Church Members Grow Mustaches to Help Others Grow Their Families

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Members at Walnut Creek Church are growing facial hair to help fund adoptions. More than 200 people signed up for the Mustaches that Matter campaign.

“We want to help families cross the financial finish line in the adoption process,” says Pastor Luke Hukee.

The group of men reached their goal of raising $25,000 in the first week. So far, the campaign has netted nearly $75,000. One of the first scholarships went to the Ekwall family.

Lori and Will Ekwall just returned from adopting two children from Columbia. With the addition of 13-year-old Jose and 11-year-old Maria, the family of five is now a family of seven.

“I just see a big happy family,” says Lori Ekwall.

“Lori has always thought about adoption. It's something I thought about considering, but financially I didn't think we could do it,” says Will Ekwall.

You can still donate at There, you'll also find information about applying for adoption assistance. You don't have to be a member of Walnut Creek Church to apply.


  • Doreen Sawyer

    I fully agree with Katherine! I myself adopted a son from the Iowa foster care system. There is no cost, and as a matter of fact the state PAYS the adoptive parents in many circumstances! Adoptive parents receive money each month to cover the cost of clothing and food for the addition to the family! I am so disgusted with the media, and churches who encourage and promote people to adopt foreign children and completely ignore the children we have right here in Iowa who need permanent homes! You talk about them like they are saints!! What is so bad about the adoptable kids we have here in the United States?? Why are foreign children better? Please don’t tell me they won’t be adopted in their home country, American kids are not being adopted in their home country!!! Should we start sending American children to other countries to be adopted? Channel 13, do you think you can hide the fact that Iowa has children in foster care who need permanent families? Maybe the families who adopt foreign born children do so because they cannot pass a background check in the United States. Adopting foreign children before American children should be something to be ashamed of, not something to be proud of and bragged about. Do you conveniently forget about the former foster child who was forced to move out of his foster families home because he aged out of the system. then he froze to death because he had no home. You do a story on it every year when you want donations, and people sleep for one night in a cardboard box. Get your priorities straight and stop being such hypocrites!!

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