Trial in Dog Mauling Death Set for December

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JASPER COUNTY, Iowa — The trial is set for the Prairie City woman whose dog killed a little girl.

Jena Wright is charged with child endangerment, neglect, and assault on a peace officer.

Police say Wright’s American Staffordshire terrier mauled four-year-old Jordyn Arndt in April of 2013. Jordyn died from her injuries.

Wright’s trial is scheduled for December 8th.


  • Brenda Grant

    Sad as it is, these people must account for their crimes through pit bulls, in order to demonstrate that this everyday mauling and killing through pit bull ownership is not an option. Own the breed own the deed.

  • Marc Brown

    I’m glad to see pit bull owners more and more having to bear consequences for their choice to own a type of dog created exclusively to maul and kill. These people just have to have their fashion moment by owning a pit bull type dog. Up to now the entire pit bull crowd has shown an appalling indifference to the many victims their fashion choice is making. They clearly feel they’re above the law — free to let their maulers get hold of children, then blame the child and harass the bereaved parents. If more of them were charged for this depraved indifference and criminal negligence, indeed for murder when appropriate, it would benefit the safety of us all.

  • Lesley Karen Luscombe

    Jordyn Arndt was beautiful, young, adorable and helpless. Many feared that her gruesome and preventable death would be swept under the table and she would end up ignored and forgotten, except by those who remember her and take her name into the public domain in order to help prevent other innocent American children dying horribly in the jaws of FIGHTING BREED DOGS. There can be no more excuses – the TRUTH about Fighting Breed dogs being kept as pets is OUT THERE. People KNOW the truth. These dogs do not need a catalyst to KILL. They do not simply BITE and back off, they hang on and they grip and they shake until their victim is dead, or THEY are dead. That is the domain of the Fighting Breed Dog. Good dogs, a lot of fun, lots of personality, until or unless they get that genetic call to JOYOUS VIOLENCE. And then beautiful, young, adorable and helpless American children like Jordyn Arndt die. Enough is enough – too many American children are dead or left mutilated and broken in body and spirit. Call Time on these Extreme Breeds and their hopeless owners.

    • Steven Gunderson

      My little cousin still caries the scars on his face, iduced by a German Shepherd. Luckily, an adult was near by and stopped the attack. There are a great many dangous breeds that have mauled, mained , and killed. The problem is not with dogs, guns, swimming pools, chocking hazzards( hard candy, hot dogs) or other potentially dangous freedoms, but with ignorant and appethetic individuals.

  • Matt Brown

    An eye for an eye. Throw her sorry pitbull loving rearend in a pit with with her beloved breed of choice and watch them tear her apart piece by piece.

  • nancy

    Throw the key away n let her rot!!! Sick of psychos promoting these evil demonic pits with lies to fools!! Trash people own this breed of evil its time the us ban them period !! Enough is enough the uk did it n look at denver pts all existing ones n end the threat n put advocates that promote them in jail!! Every week there’s at least one or maulings n only from this breed for years every goddamn week!! Notice on the these maulings no comments from the advocates pathetic freaks they r

    • Jessie.

      Only “trash” own this type of dog? Really? What happened to this child was tragic and could have been prevented IF the owner did her responsibility. I hate to tell you this Nancy, but any dog can do this type of damage. It is the OWNER that trains ANY dog to become vicious. NOT THE DOG….I guess I am trash, I own the exact type of dog in this case…and my dog a Straffordshire Terrier is far from vicious….I have 3 children ages 13, 12 and 4 years old….and she does nothing but play with them, and protect them….she is friendly with all my guests…Why? Cause I THE OWNER am educated in the pitbull “type” of dog…and she was raised to be social, and friendly, as well as loving…yes she will bark if someone comes onto my property to alert me that someone is here…this woman is getting punished for how she raised her dog….the dog only acts out how they are trained…the pit bull was NOT bred to kill….do your research…idiots, druggies, gang bangers realized the power and muscle behind this type of dog and they are the ones who took the breed that was bred to be loyal, compassionate, loving and friendly and turned them into the monsters that society sees today…you can turn ANY dog into a killer. I feel for this woman, and my heart breaks for her loss, and I agree the owner of the dog deserves the harshest punishment by law….and I hope she gets it.

  • Mary

    You people make me sick. It is very sad that this little girl lost her life, but it’s also sad that you people are so close minded as to believe that every pitbull is like this. Punish the deed, not the breed. It is people like all of you that are the reason so many innocent dogs are getting taken from their families and killed for no reason. Do you believe the same about boxers, pugs, and german sheperds? Those are just a few others who have been banned in different areas. It is wrong to punish an entire breed because of what very few of them have done. My condolences for the family of the little girl, and I hope you all take some time to educate your ignorant selves.

    • PreviousRecords

      My boyfriend was attacked by a boxer. The dog leaped half way over a fence just to bite his arm, and tear through 2 layers of hoodie and long sleeve t. 22 stitches later, and the owners never paid a dime toward the bill. And, the dog belongs to the deputy sheriff that lives in Indianola. You would think he would have taken responsibility, but to this day, I still don’t know if the police even made an official record of it. They came out and wrote down everything, but we never got a copy of anything or were ever contacted again.

    • nancy

      On n no I don’t believe that about shepards pugs because their not in the paper every week mauling n killing like shitbulls n I’m glad their pts every single one of them

      • Mary

        Pit bulls are the only breed you hear about because they are the breed society is currently targeting. Give it time and they will move on to another breed, and it will be just as sad when you let the media control your opinion instead of actually taking the time to research and under stand the truth. I have educated myself, which is why i am not so narrow-minded as to listen to what social media tells me to believe.

    • Nancy

      Ur the uneducated ignorant one we blame the breed since its attacking everday n once a week there’s a death for the past ten years so yes the problem is the breed n u lowlifes r trying to make them family dogs which they are not as we have been seeing…MAN BRED THEM TO BE AGGRESSIVE FIGHT TO THE DEATH DOG!!! I’m sure there a few who may never attack problem is nobody knows which ones n has people have seen so have been sweet for years w/o incident then boom attack!! They pose to much of a threat to human life wake the f— up

  • nancy

    Mary grow up and educate yourself like I have done for the past four years loser when your being airlifted n need plastic surgery do remember my words that is if your not in a coffin lol

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