Des Moines Drivers Among The Best in The Country

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Traffic along University Avenue. (WHO-HD)

Traffic along University Avenue. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa – Des Moines has some of the best drivers in the country.

According to Allstate Insurance Company, Des Moines ranked as the 13th safest city among the top 200 cities in the United States in it’s annual “Best Drivers Report”.

Factors such as population, population density and precipitation were examined in developing the list.

According to the report, the average driver in Des Moines will experience an auto collision every 12 years. That’s an improvement of .8 years since last year’s report was issued.

Des Moines wasn’t the only Iowa city to make the list. Cedar Rapids comes in at number 11.

This year’s top honor of “America’s Safest Driving City” is Fort Collins, Colorado, the fourth year the city has held the top spot in the report’s ten-year history. According to the report, the average driver in Fort Collins will experience an auto collision every 14.2 years, which is 29.6 percent less likely than the national average of 10 years.


  • do ur job

    I can hardly believe that with all the stop and gawks on the freeway. Maybe its the defensive drving skills of a few weaving around the Sunday drivers in the left lane or the idiots who while talking on their phone forget where the gas pedal is.

  • Ruby

    Maybe if people would actually go the speed limit in construction zones, and not feel they are entitled to go how ever the heck fast they want to in the LEFT lanes. Really people, I WILL ignore you if your riding my A@@ when I’m in the left lane, and I AM going the posted speed limit. get over yourselves.Also just because your approaching a construction zone that doesn`t translate into “Hurry up and rush in front of the car in front of you no matter how close you come to clipping them or how fast your speeding in a posted construction zone”. And yeah, sure, that semi that’s hauling 50,000 tons can stop on a dime just because you want to be a rude …

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