North Dakota State in Ames is Bugging Andy

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Is the FCS even a real thing? NDSU...might...just a role in Channel 13's Andy Fales' rantings this week.


  • lakesbison

    HA HA, NDSU gets ESPN GAMEDAY , Ames gets well, nothing.

    NDSU is a powerhouse, a football dynasty who just knows how to win PERIOD. No NonSense, No showboating just smash mouth football

    • hgulkkcaj

      Yes, NDSU is a powerhouse – in 1-AA. Yes they do know how to win – in 1-AA. And they have beaten some 1-A teams recently – really bad 1-A teams who were at historic lows in their program’s history (oh, and ISU was a 3 win team last year, so…). Timing is everything. Just leave your “We Want Bama” signs at home please.

    • J

      LOL we are from Bottineau so Tommy Turtle is funny!! IT was funny after a win by the Bison!! Sarcasm at it’s best LOL!!

    • bsides1700

      SATIRE, people. It’s called comedy, not trash-talking. Slow down the anger and watch it again. Did you notice the pictures of Iowa and ND look the same?? SATIRE.

  • Betsy Jones

    Nice Stephen Colbert impression. But where were the pop-ups? And FYI, the movie Fargo took place in Minnesota. Why was it called “Fargo?” Because no one would see a movie called “Bemidji.”

    • Nodonutz

      I went through Bemidji once…. doc gave me some antibiotics and it cleared up in a couple of days…
      Funny satire, even funnier final score. The Cyclones were about as strong as a fart from an octogenarian in a rest home. Maybe the team was suffering from bemidji. Hahaha

  • Bison Rock

    Hey Bison Fans, make sure to show some class to this silly person. We do our talking on the field. Walk away nicely and we will laugh last. We will always have to prove ourselves to the mindless twits of the world.

  • Bison Fan

    HAHA! Well, that was ridiculous. I lived in Iowa for 8 months, couldn’t stand it and had to move back to Fargo. What does Iowa have? Apparently an extremely under educated sports reporter. Go Bison!

  • Pvillehawk

    You people are ridiculous. The way ndsu and uni talk you would think the mvc is the next SEC. I predicted isu wins there first of three games they win this year. Then you can go back and enjoy the cold and the Fargo dome. Have a nice drive back. Hope you enjoyed the great state of Iowa.

  • Hawkeye4life

    Simmer down, NDSU fans. Either a) you got so fuming mad at Andy Fales for his comments that you didn’t watch the entire segment, or b) sarcasm is a concept that so foreign to North Dakota-oans(?) that you wouldn’t know it without being told. Andy Fales is master at his weekly bit. To underestimate him would be a fatal mistake (that was sarcasm).

    Here’s the gist: the Cyclones should beat NDSU simply based on the fact that ISU is a D-1 school playing an FCS school. The difference in talent is THAT great. Almost always, the D-1 school will win. That’s not a jab at NDSU as a smaller school (we are downright proud of our D-III Grandview team), it’s just the order of nature. Should ISU beat NDSU? Saturday will tell us. If NDSU does not win, enjoy your vacation to warm and sunny Ames. We do the same whenever we can enjoy the tropics of Kansas City.

    Oh – tell Les Jepsen we Iowans say hi. Why? Because we’re nice I’m Iowa.

    This message is brought to you by a Hawkeye fan. Go Hawks!


      If the difference is that great, then why is NDSU 7-3 against FBS opponents since 2006? If the difference is that great why did NDSU beat the defending Big 12 and last year’s BWW Bowl champions Kansas State? If the difference is that great then why are we going to come down to the University of Iowa in 2016 and win that game too?

      Ask Minnesota, Kansas State, Kansas, Colorado State, Ball State, Central Michigan how great the difference is.

      • ............

        If the difference is that great, then why was NDSU’s last loss to an FBS team in 2009! Oh wait…. Wasn’t that loss to Iowa State? As for the U of I comment…. stop being silly. Just be thankful you get to visit God’s country twice in ’14 & ’16..

        As always, may the Panthers feast on Bison for years to come.

        This message is brought to you by a Cyclone fan. Go Clones!
        *Respectful Bison fans were not intended to be offended or harmed during the creation of this message.

      • Big Deal

        Yes, that is accurate, NDSU’s last loss to an FBS school was Iowa State. That team also went 3-8. So that year Iowa State, the basement bargain program of the Big 12 was able to beat a 3-8 FCS team by 17 points. This team is the 3 time defending national champions of the FCS and they are ranked in the top 2 of the country. Also, THEY JUST LOST TO NORTHERN IOWA. NDSU is going to play good defense, run the ball, and win this game.

      • bsides1700

        You’ve listed one good program in those FBS teams. ONE. The rest can be beaten any given Saturday. And you will not win in Iowa City. Hope you beat the little sister on Saturday though!

    • Nelson

      Most likely it is option A on your list. However option B could be a possibility due to the fact that he presents it so well and we assume the rest of the world isnt as nice as us frozen tundra people. Also in MN we call them NoDaks. or North Dakotans. not sure which is right.

  • Fan from Section 8

    As a Bison fan I think this is hilarious! Nice job Andy and thanks for the laugh. Iowa is a slightly warmer North Dakota! Looking forward to the game guys!

  • David Patrick

    This was pretty funny. Not what this funny little fella had to say, but I had no idea how terrified ISU is having to face the Bison. I’m curious, how much do you think this funny man with his bowl-cut doo is being reimbursed for his pre game hyperbole? Would love to see the check the ISU AD stroked for this motivational piece by this country bumpkin….lol. You know this young fella is sweating bullets, just praying the……..cyclones (almost said Hawkeyes, the other powerhouse FB program from the fine state of IA) win by at least 10. You know this intern got picked for this piece b/c he is the new guy….and he has that very interesting hair thing going on…:)
    By the way, can’t wait to watch Minnesota play Iowa State this year, now that’s two powerhouse schools from two powerhouse conferences. Should be a battle of the titans!

    • 2ISULUMs

      Snarky comments are much more effective when you get your facts straight. Iowa State doesn’t play Minnesota. That is the University of Iowa. Anyway, given their lack of being able to identify sarcasm, I’d love to sit some of these Bison fans in front of the SNL “news” sometime. Their heads would probably explode. .

  • Go Bison

    Andy I hope you’re ready to eat your words by Saturday afternoon! The fact is you’re a joke! You spent your whole rant comparing two states…. Because if you compare football teams you don’t have a pot to pee in. ISU wouldn’t make the playoffs in the FCS vs NDSU who’s won three straight national titles and is on a 24 about to be 25 game win streak. I can’t wait for the Bison to get a win and get paid by the cy-clowns to do it. Enjoy the rest of your week because come Saturday afternoon you’ll be in a hole wishing you hadn’t made such an a** of yourself on tv

  • Bison Rule

    If he was serious he’s a complete imbecile. If he was sardonic (might have to look that one up, ISU grads) then it was a complete fail. ISU isn’t even in the same class as KSU, and NDSU beat them on their own field last year ruining KSU’s stadium dedication. So, mock ND all you want ISU fans, because come Saturday you are going to find out what FCS football is all about, where the championship is decided on the field, not in a press box.

  • Alex

    It will be interesting to see how the new Bison players perform, but we have A LOT coming back. It should be a good game, but I’m expecting NDSU to win 24-17. This NDSU team has a tougher road ahead of them to win a 4th straight championship, and that road starts on Saturday!

  • Jim

    Actually the football stuff doesn’t even bother me. That will get settled on the field and based on each teams history, I feel ok about NDSU’s chances against a rather pitiful football team historically. What makes me really smile is Andy trashing the state of North Dakota in a comparison with……Iowa. Really? Iowa? Which is known for…..ah…being south of Minnesota? For being one of the few states whose name begins and ends with a vowel? I grew up in Minnesota. North Dakota was hated for being the home of the Sioux hockey team. At least they had that. Iowa was known for pretty much nothing at all. The state was so boring and devoid of anything of interest that we couldn’t even drum up the interest to dislike it. It was pretty much nothing in every way. And Andy, just so you know, fracking is a tad more than a funny word you can say on the air and giggle about your “clever” play on words (I take it “frickin’ frackin'” is pretty much the extreme end of Andy’s imagination or intelligence). Fracking has made North Dakota one of the few states that has had economic growth in the last 5 years. It has built a state surplus and provided funds for things like infrastructure and schools. North Dakota makes Iowa look like a one legged dog economically because of fracking so enjoy the joke as we stack out money higher and you watch the corn grow.

  • Vance

    Enjoyed Andy’s satire. The Bison have a great tradition but we also lost 24 Seniors and an outstanding quarterback. Hope they can continue their winning streak but wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

  • bsides1700

    SATIRE, people. It’s called comedy, not trash-talking. Slow down the anger and watch it again. Did you notice the pictures of Iowa and ND look the same?? SATIRE.

  • Pround Bison grad

    Loved it. Hilarious, especially the fans staying for “political asylum”. Relax fellow Bison fans, enjoy the game.

  • jerry fischer

    Your a real loser and a fool Andy. You obviosly have not spent much time in ND.. ISU may win this game but only because NDSU is a completely different team than the last 3 years.. The nice thing about the real cold weather in ND is it keeps the real losers and babies out of the state because they cant handle the cold.. Thats why the folks from ND are some of the best people you will ever meet.. Losers like yourself are not welcome there.. Most comentators like your self have zero acomplishments but your sure windy with your words.. By the way, ISU has Zero acomplishments, like yourself Andy so you make a good pair.

  • Rocky Metzger

    Hey CANDYASS! C’mon to North Dakota and look me up. I don’t much care about football but you’re a punk! Okay, sorry about the name calling…I don’t really mean it and I understand you’re trying to get ratings. But seriously, you can visit if you’d like…and look me up : ) Also, the comment about seeing Montana from a soapbox…that’s funny!

  • hgulkkcaj

    Ummm, North Dakota fans: by being offended by this, you are making yourself part of the joke. Watch it again – he makes just as much fun of Iowa. Lighten up!

  • JEB

    Wow. Andy needs to have a CAT scan of his head done. ND has more jobs, more money, and more economic growth than Iowa. Shut the hell up. You don’t know one damn thing about our state. If I spouted a bunch of crap about Iowa, you’d be just as pissed as you made us up here. Keep your mouth shut, for your own health.

    Go, go Bison!

    • Becca

      Try and find a reporter or blog that shows North Dakota making fun of Iowa. Good luck finding one, we have better things to do in life than make fun of other people or states!

  • Don Freborg

    Andy, that was priceless! There should be more of this out in “take it too serious land”. Consider me a new fan.
    NDSU 1980
    Go Bison!!

  • Button Counter

    I like Andy…he’s good people. You have to be intelligent enough to understand what satire is. I do a facepalm every time I read a fellow Bison fan get offended. Keep on, keepin’ on. This stuff is great. (and GO BISON!)

  • Bisonnation

    How’s that game working out for you? Btw our economy makes Iowa look like a welfare state. #bisonnation #feelthethunder

  • ty

    Eat your words jackass, bashing a whole state when your supposed to be talking about football. Typical sportscaster with some lonely newstation that has no clue about football or sports in general. Know the facts before you talk dumbass

  • Handle job

    Hey Andy! How does crow taste, maybe as a sportscaster you should learn to evaluate things like athletes, defense, & offence and not land monuments, corn fields and what other douchbag objects that’s don’t play into the game of football.

  • Grand Forks Girl

    Hilarious! Andy, I love this! But now it’s Saturday afternoon……what’s bugging you now, Andy! What a spankin’ the Cyclones are getting!

  • Bison Mama

    It’s pretty sweet being a Bison mom, being from the beautiful state of ND and now living in Des Moines. I would sure love to see this putz now have to eat his words!

    2 last thoughts… Go Bison, and guess it’ll be CBS and ABC in this Des Moines household now! :)

  • Bison Fan

    Awww too bad Andy, I know it was tongue in cheek, but, in North Dakota Bison Football is not a religion, its far more important than that! Its too bad your Cyclones couldn’t blow the barn door closed when Crockett opened it up in the 2nd, but then your team looked pretty gassed! What’s with all the cramps, didn’t see that on the Bison side of the field, don’t they know how to hydrate down in Iowa? It was only in the 70’s what would have happened if it was HOT out? I guess its just how they raise them down in Iowa. Maybe you need to go back to raising corn for ethanol, and leave the games for the big boys!

  • BILL


    • Mike

      the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
      “his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”
      synonyms: derision, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneering, scoffing;

  • Sheri

    Andy Fale you better stay in Iowa! Oh wait…you can’t get up after the BISON stomped all over your pathetic team! Maybe you should check out where Game day was last year. I think those folks would agree that ND has the best supporters of sports teams! At least our fans don’t walk out before the game is over!

  • fargobison

    The next episode of “What Burns Andy” should involve oversized checks made out to FCS schools to come in to your home. Last year may have been a fluke, but this year was a butt kicken. Anyway, thanks for the $350,000. For $500,000 maybe we will only take you by a field goal.


    And now Andy and his pathetic followers understand what FCS football is all about.
    ISU’s lack of conditioning and discipline is an embarrassment to Division I athletics.
    This game went EXACTLY as I expected, a seemingly big lead by the home team amped up on adrenaline, and then the Bison methodically run you over for the last 3 quarters.
    It’s not too early in my book to say, see you in Frisco Bison Nation!


    BTW, at least give the BIG 12 credit for scheduling NDSU for an opening game.
    The (not so) Big 10 won’t allow any of it’s schools to schedule the Bison anymore.

  • Rocky Jablonsky

    Hey Andy, You should be a comic!!!!!! Nobody would laugh at your dry humor. Did someone show you on the map where N.Dak. was prior to todays’ game? I bet some good old N.Dak.CROW would taste pretty good right about now. Did your parents ever teach you anything about respect, being humble, and just having some kind of sportsmanship? What has Iowa State won lately? I couldn’t answer that one either.If you ever make it to North Dakota, make sure you visit Historic Medora. The “badlands” would put your state to shame for scenery. Pig Farms and stys stink up the bordering states, just saying!!!!!! Beulah is a pipeline for players that head to Fargo to play football, so that comment was idiotic. Speaking of “buffalo chips”, We can send a whole truckload to your house, and it will keep you nice and cozy all winter long.

    Now a quick look at the game, we should have scored two more touchdowns, instead we felt sorry for your DIVISION I so called football team. Have a Happy opening game for a very long season.

    • TellAlGoreToTellFargoAboutGlobalWarming

      I disagree. This is satire at its best. I am from Fargo and I laughed my a$$ off. Watch the video again and listen to the content.

  • Becca

    We should ask this guy to compare state balance sheets and income statements. Iowa wouldn’t touch North Dakota, just like the football game.

  • Todd S.

    That wasn’t satire. Your just cya ing for the “bug”. If ISU would have won, he would of had another segment bragging how smart he is and how “backwards” ND is. Hopefully he will be able to pull his foot out of his mouth b/4 he goes back to work.

  • Rob Lein

    This was total satire, fellow Bison fans. Like his talking about it’s luck that a blind squirrel DIDN’T run onto the field during the big run. And he was actually making more fun of Iowa State than NDSU. So don’t sweat it.

  • Mike Trottier

    Everyone who this guy has upset need to take your Ritalin! Clearly he was not serious……i would bet that he even thought the Bison might win. If he poked a bit of fun at our state in the process so what. Some of you are reading way to much into this. I enjoyed the bit. One Herd!!!!!

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