Things That Make You Go ‘Eww’ — Giant ‘Fishing Spiders’

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DUBUQUE COUNTY, Iowa -- A very large spider is getting lots of attention here in Iowa.

The Wisconsin DNR posted a picture of the fishing spider and it went viral, but the spiders are in Iowa too.

KWWL reports the spiders get their name from their ability float on the water.

A female spider can get up to three inches long. The male spider is about half that size.

They do bite, but officials say the spiders don't have enough venom to hurt people.

"The fishing spider is huge, so your first impression is, 'Oh!' You know, kind of 'Wow'-factor," says Jenny Ammon, Dubuque County Naturalist. "They're very large."

"They have the ability to eat small minnows, which is kind of an astounding little fact, but they're also part of that food chain," Ammon said. "Our fish, bluegills, love to eat spiders, so the whole full-circle thing comes into play,” says Ammon.

The spiders aren't typically found indoors, unless someone lives near water.