First Debate for Loebsack, Miller-Meeks

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IOWA CITY, Iowa -- It’s a race we've seen twice already, but this time Republican Marianette Miller-Meeks believes she’ll finally unseat Congressman Dave Loebsack.

In 2008 Loebsack defeated Meeks by 19-points. Two years later it was much closer with Loebsack winning by five points.

So far this year polls show Loebsack again with a slight lead.

The two are battling to represent Iowa's second Congressional District and Thursday night they faced each other in the first debate.

One of their first areas of disagreement was President Obama's decision to remove all U.S. soldiers from Iraq in 2012.

“In World War II when we had troops that remained in Germany, we had troops that remained in Japan that we were able to help those countries to transition into a more stable form of government, to a growing economy and out of war. And so I think that having not negotiated a status of forces have left some residual troops in Iraq, it did not allow that emerging government that stability and stability of security that it needed,” says Miller-Meeks.

“Iraq is not World War II. Iraq is not even North and South Korea, and if you’re suggesting keeping 39,000 troops in Iraq as we did in Korea for all those years or hundreds of thousands of troops as we did in Europe, that makes absolutely no sense,” countered Loebsack.

The two also sparred over domestic policy and the president's landmark piece of legislation -- the Affordable Care Act.

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