Political Operative Steps Down Following Sorensen Scandal

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The scandal that brought down former state senator Kent Sorenson has cost another political operative his job.

Earlier this week, Sorenson pleaded guilty to federal charges connected to his work on the presidential campaigns of Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul.

Sorenson admitted to accepting $73,000, including the money he took to switch his support from Bachman to Paul.

At the time Jesse Benton served as Ron Paul’s campaign manager.

Most recently, he was campaign manager for Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell, until Friday. Benton resigned from his post. He said he didn’t want the Sorenson scandal to hurt McConnell ‘s re-election efforts.

Benton says he had no knowledge of the money paid to Kent Sorenson.


    • Fed Up with Nonsense

      Hey Joe, most of the Ron Paul people were/are Democrats in Republican clothing–99% of those people registered as Republicans simply to throw things off for Republicans. There are bad people in all parties, of course, but real Republicans don’t care for the underhanded and rude tactics employed by Paul supporters. Sorenson is a crook and a traitor and he deserves punishment. And Randy Craven, you’d better take a hard look at Obama’s campaign contributors and evasive fundraising.

      • Randy Graven

        I said ALL af them. But I notice all you conspiracy guys don’t have the guts to use your real names

  • Randy Graven

    Yeah, but the Republicans and their stooges in the Supreme Court are the ones who keep making rules making the campaign contributions(bribes) secret.

  • Randy Graven

    And I don’t care what anyone says-ANY public official-Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or whatever who gives or takes a bribe is guilty of treason, and it should be a capital offense. If they hung a few of these crooks who have taken over our poitcial system with their huge sums of money we wouldn’t have near the problems.

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