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Questions Raised After Vehicle Rolls Over Baby

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police said Sunday there is now more to figure out after an SUV rolled forward over a baby in a car seat Saturday night.

Authorities initially were led to believe the incident was a tragic accident at 2523 East Walnut. Saturday night a spokesman told Channel 13 that a father had put the car seat down next to his SUV, and for some reason, the vehicle rolled forward over the baby. The spokesman said the father had been tending to other children at the time.

The four-month-old boy, Breland Garrett, died at the hospital.

But Sunday police released an incident report that provides different details. The report said two men, neither of whom was Breland’s father, were loading seven children into the SUV and a van. One man said he had gone inside the home to retrieve some childrens’ shoes. The other was outside with the children.

The SUV rolled forward, the report said, and Breland’s father screamed out to stop the vehicle. The report doesn’t say where the father had been at the time.

One of the men said he jumped into the SUV to stop the moving vehicle. But he couldn’t do it before the SUV ran over the baby.

The report said beer can and liquor bottles were scattered across the property. Officers later tested the two men for alcohol consumption.

Police have not reported any arrests in the case.



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  • Troy Hendrickson

    So, let’s recap, Branstad is so concerned about drug abuse that he would deny legal access to cannabis to even dying human beings, but is OK with making the tax payers subsidize alcohol abuse like this, and even subsidize the promotion, production and sale of Iowa’s most dangerous drug.

    One that kills more than all illegal drugs combined, a toll to which another child is now added.

    Sad demonic little hypocrite that he is.

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