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Bison Beating Iowa State is Bugging Andy

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Channel 13's Andy Fales riled up North Dakota State fans last week when he picked the Cyclones to roll over the Bison.  Well, Iowa State didn't exactly hold up their end of the bargain.   Andy is back to give props to the Bison, or is he?


  • Darick Richard

    Andy, I apologize for some unsavory comments by the Bison faithful, but hey now you might have some new faces checking out what’s bugging you. And because we are ND Nice we rub it in and call people names but shortly after we booze and call it good!

  • Andy

    Andy, i am the furthest thing from a NSDU fan but i live in Fargo, ND. Iowa State got their asses kicked on sat. Sure they jumped out to a 14-0 lead, but after that it was all NDSU. Face it NDSU was the better team on Saturday. it might not have been the whole game but NDSU dominated 3 quarters, last time i checked a game was 4 quarters, not just 1. NDSU 3 ISU 1. 95 percent of the time the team that wins 3 quarters will win the game. Next time you talk to you ISU maybe you should mention that to them. The game can’t be won in the first quarter but can be lost in the 4th. Pretty sad that to get your ratings that you have to pick on a FCS team the dominates pretty much everybody that is on the schedule for the given year. I am gopher fan so it does hurt writing this but NDSU is a quality football program that holds the longest active winstreak in D1 and also has won the last 3 FCS championships. I know they don’t play in the BIG 12 or the BIG 10 but they have beaten the teams that have been put in front of them. Next time you want to rip on a 3 time defending national champ, you might want to check the facts. NDSU is a quality football program whether me or you like it, we have to face it. The worse part about you, is you have to eat your own poop after trying to be a big shot!

  • Tom

    Andy, I think your satire is great! You made as much fun of Iowa as you did North Dakota. I laughed all the way through, both time, Thank You for the laughs!

  • Luke

    I have laughed out loud every time I hear or see something new about your NDSU troll. The fact an entire fan base became so butt hurt makes it even better! Nice work!

  • nodonutz

    Andy – some funny stuff. If it wasn’t for your satirical jabs at NDSU, you’d still be unknown in 49 states, now it’s just 48. Keep plugging away, I’m sure you can see the goal line of 47 states in the distance…. hopefully you reach it, unlike the Cyclones.- which were more like ‘gas’ from the burrito joke than a raging storm.
    Really do love your satire, not easy to do.

  • keith

    ROFL…..Just admit that we the Bison kicked your ass and never looked back. Good luck next week you might win but I wouldn’t hold my breath, GO BISON

  • Kari

    Thank for you so humbly making a second video. I’m embarrassed over the things that the NDSU fans were saying to you via twitter. That’s not how we act in ND. So that is unfortunate that your twitter feed was all muddied up with foul language and nastiness. With that said, this video must’ve been hard to make…I mean with you having to admit that you were wrong, like really, really wrong, and all :) You’ve made most of us laugh…thank you :)

  • Jason

    Andy, SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I live in Minnesota, but I have been an NDSU Bison fan all my life. NDSU has beaten 5 straight FBS teams, some of them having been NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in the past! North Dakota State is and always has been a strong team. To say that this win is a fluke, maybe you better look up their record against FBS schools, 6-3. Some schools would be lucky to get 6 wins in a season due to their schedule. NDSU plays in the Missouri Valley Football Conference, one of the TOUGHEST conferences in the FCS. Get your facts straight before you open your mouth and make yourself look like an idiot! #BisoNation

  • Ryan

    14-34 with a new head coach, new AD, much of a new starting line…..but it was a lucky win…..What a moron. I bet he still supports obama too.

  • Vanessa

    Thanks Andy, from a Bison fan who attended the game in Iowa. Iowa State was very hospitable (and I’m not talking about the game itself). The Bison fans loved their tailgating lot and we enjoyed spending our time and our dollars in Iowa. I loved your comment about a lucky win – “if only there had been 3 more quarters” – Ryan and Jason either didn’t listen or didn’t understand the humor.
    For my part – loved the trip and partying with the Cyclone fans both before and after!

  • Josh Friesz

    I’m not exactly sure how so many of our fans missed the humor in these bits. As an NDSU alum I was so curious to watch the video that was making so many of my NDSU friends angry, thinking another KState mask was in the works. But I enjoyed the crap out of the original video and this follow up one as well. Sorry so many people missed the satire. Best of luck the rest of the season and Go Bison.

  • Joe Eichelberger

    I enjoyed both of your commentaries, great stuff. I bleed “Green and Gold” but l admire your wit and satire. Sorry for the abusive comments from the less than cordial fans.

  • Kelly Wentz

    Many were looking at this via the K State guy who was serious, so some of the satire may have lost. Thought your post game interview was good as well.

  • Jarvis

    Hey Andy, Maybe you should cut a new video as the prediction you made with gusto really did not work out well. The Bison are for real by the way……

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