Branstad Says Agency Shouldn’t Have Miscounted Number of Confidential Settlements

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Gov. Terry Branstad says he is surprised that a key state agency failed to find all settlements with former state employees that included confidentiality clauses.

The audit that came out last week revealed there were 42 settlements with those agreements. That’s 11 more than originally thought.

The Department of Administrative Services say some were overlooked due to the transition between paper documents and electronic storage.

“Unfortunately they didn’t have a good tracking system and my staff went on the info they were supplied and it wasn’t accurate. And that’s the thing we are going to correct. This is something that should not happen,” says Branstad.

The Department of Administrative Services is working with the state auditor to set up a tracking system.


  • Holly Johnson

    Brandstad can’t admit fault or knowledge in anything. He likes looking like an idiot. That way he can stay out of jail. Professional at playing dumb. Blah, blah blah is all I hear coming out of his mouth anymore.

  • Hugo S LaVia

    WHAT EXACTLY IS the role of our current Lt. Gov? All I’ve ever seen her do is stand there.

    You can actually Google “kim reynolds standing behind branstad” and get a ton of pix. She’s a waste of taxpayer money.

    I’ll bet she’s humming “Stand By Your Man”

    • Joe P.

      I’m glad Kim Reynolds doesn’t talk very much .When she does talk it sounds like somebody dragging their fingernails across the chalkboard ….torture.

  • John

    Notice that Branstad says “they” had a bad system… It’s him, we keep discovering more misconduct every time he says “all done, no need to look further”. He is not part of the problem, he and his lack of accountability/incompetence IS the problem!

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