City to Raise Des Moines River Levels Using Flashboards

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Workers install flashboards on Des Moines River in 2013. (WHO-HD)

Workers install flashboards on Des Moines River in 2013. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The city of Des Moines will be installing flashboards on the Center Street Dam next week.

In order for crews to complete the work, Saylorville will reduce its outflow beginning next Monday. That means water levels in the Des Moines River and Birdland Marina will drop for 24 to 36 hours.

Once the work is completed the levels will be re-adjusted, bringing the water level up about two feet.

The city installs the flashboards so it has better control of water levels to enhance water recreation activities.


  • iamjoespinkyfinger

    How much flooding on the Des Moines occurs because we have our priorities all screwed up? Is floating a boat more important than harming hundreds of people because of flooding due maintaining artificially high levels for recreation?

  • Kat

    Maybe spring for someone to patrol the river too. We’ve had a lot of sandbars covered in broken bottles, cans, clothes, & other junk from people partying just north of Euclid. It’s shameful really.

  • BrutallyHonest

    It actually helps. Gives better control of the water and actually helps reduce flooding below center street as well as below scott street. The raccoon river has no contols and in the last week you can see what having no control over the flow can do. It comes up very quickly and will drop very quickly, but the coming up very quickly is a problem because of the flooding it causes. If there were ways to slow down the flow of the raccoon river before it hits downtown then there would be less flooding caused on the raccoon river.

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