Hatch Ready to Release New Campaign Ad

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- November's gubernatorial election is almost 60 days away.

Democrat Jack Hatch hopes a new television ad will boost his campaign efforts. He says it will be released next week and will lay out his vision for the future of Iowa.

He says he's doesn't want it to be seen as an attack ad, but as a blunt conversation starter.

"We have to talk pretty frankly with citizens. I have to make the case that the governor has worn out his welcome. And that I am actually encouraging Iowans to take a look at both campaigns and both visions and to make a decision. Again the time for investigations from my perspective is over, there’s enough there to make the case,” says Hatch.

Hatch also admitted to some campaign missteps.

It appears his staff forgot to release his holiday weekend schedule to the media, so his three days of campaign appearances weren't publicized or covered by reporters.


  • Central Iowa Man

    Gas tax increase and other baggage but I will vote Hatch. If nothing else vote him out in four if he gets elected.

  • FIddlestix

    Imagine, Chet Culver with attitude and demeanor issues. That’s what you’d get with Snarky Jack Hatch. He’s the purveyor of ‘witch hunts’, along with his personal disheveled bimbo, Janet Petersen. As if anyone would want another ‘do-nothing’ from the same party as the ‘Golfer in Chief’. … (check that … do nothing but play the ‘blame game’)

  • Get Realistic

    Jack Hatch made alot of money off his position in the state house. Just like the many do in congress and senate with their insider information. Those types need to go. How much do you think people like Nancy Pelosi made during her terms with actions that would be illegal for “normal folk”
    ? Hatch is just like the rest of them. Power and greed. No thanks, I’ll take Brandstad because he has proven over and over he can keep this state on track. You may not like him, but you can’t beat his overall achievments for Iowa as compared to other gooverners, especially Democrat governers.

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